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Insight 6.9 Adds New Client/Guest Separation and Scheduled Activations

If you've been following along, we recently announced Insight 6.8 which offered more tools to help MSPs and IT professionals manage their networks effectively and at the lowest possible cost to their businesses. Now, with version 6.9, we're building on this momentum by offering features such as scheduled license activation, user isolation lists and real-time dashboard capabilities.

NETGEAR Insight is a comprehensive tool that a growing number of IT managers trust to remotely manage their networks, from access points to switches, routers, and more - especially important for today's small businesses. During this holiday season, rising demand and in-store and online sales can put a lot of stress on small business networks. And, without a dedicated IT team, it can be difficult to manage this increased activity both on- and off-site. However, with remote management of their networks, business and IT managers can address issues in real-time and ensure their systems are running smoothly. With Insight 6.9, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their licensing is taken care of and networks are more secure.

Here's some more detail on what Insight's latest version has to offer:

Insight Pro Schedule License Activation

Eliminate operational gaps when Insight licenses expire by scheduling individual license key activations in advance. Simply buy license keys and schedule them to activate tomorrow or a month from now - whatever length of time you need. Ideal for MSPs with multi-organization clients or a high volume of connected devices.

Cloud Portal Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to fit your workflow and view valuable performance stats in real time. New drag and drop widgets allow you to edit the information shown at your convenience. This feature is available via the desktop cloud interface.

Client Device Isolation List

Separate out and isolate certain users by adding them to a client device isolation list. This disables user-to-user communications when multiple end clients use a shared SSID.

mDNS Gateway

Assign a wireless device to be visible to select VLANs. This location-level feature allows specified devices to be reachable across different VLANs for when you need to connect to a printer on the home network from your work network.

It's been more than six years since we first launched NETGEAR Insight on select access points, and we've come a long way since then in terms of both software and hardware advancements. With each update, we strive to make business infrastructure facilitate work, not add to it.