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We offer a range of solutions to help you achieve fast and reliable connectivity for your home or business. Our networking products are designed to help you build a high-performance network that meets your specific needs and provides seamless connectivity to all of your devices.

Our networking products include switches, access points, and network adapters, all designed to deliver fast and reliable connectivity to your devices. With our range of products, you can create a network that is tailored to your specific needs and optimized for your devices.

Our networking products are designed to be easy to set up and manage, with intuitive software and apps that allow you to monitor your network’s performance and manage your devices with ease. We offer a range of products to suit a variety of needs, from basic home use to advanced business networking.


What’s New for NETGEAR SMB in 2024? Introducing NETGEAR for Business

NETGEAR is kicking off 2024 with a renewed focus on business solutions. To better reflect our offerings, which are scalable for businesses running out of home or satellite offices to multi-campus enterprises, we have officially repositioned the SMB division of NETGEAR as NETGEAR for Business.

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