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WiFi Routers

Browse NETGEAR's selection of dual-band, tri-band & gigabit routers. Compare routers, including the popular Nighthawk range, by speed, technology & features.


  • What is a WiFi router?

    A WiFi router is a device that provides a wireless network connection, routing traffic from a modem. The router creates a wireless signal and sends information from the Internet to your devices, thus allowing them to connect to the network. NETGEAR offers multiple options of WiFi routers which include a range of Nighthawk products. Discover our ‘What is a WiFi Router’ page to learn more.

  • How does a WiFi router work?

    A WiFi router works by acting as a vehicle of communication between the device and Internet. It is connected to the modem which then enables it to create a wireless signal for the devices to connect with. WiFi routers offer different connectivity standards, including WiFi 6 and WiFi 6e.

  • Modem vs Router. What is the difference?

    The key difference between a Modem and a Router is that the modem creates the connection to the Internet whilst the router provides that connection to the connecting devices. Modem-routers are 2-in-1 devices working as a modem and a WiFi router.