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WiFi Routers

Stronger, faster, more stable WiFi starts with Nighthawk WiFi routers. Choose from a range of options to fit the size of your home and speed of your internet plan.

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0 BE19000 WiFi Router (RS700S)
1 BE9300 WiFi Router (RS300)
2 BE27000 WiFi Router (RBE971SB)
3 BE27000 WiFi Router (RBE971S)
4 AX5400 WiFi Gaming Router (XR1000)
5 AXE11000 WiFi Router (RBRE960)
6 AX6000 WiFi Router (RBR860S)
7 AXE7800 WiFi Router (RAXE300)
8 AXE7300 WiFi Router (RAXE290)
9 AXE11000 WiFi Router (RAXE500)
10 4G LTE WiFi 6 Router (LAX20)
11 AX1600 WiFi Router (RAX5)
12 AX1800 WiFi Router (RAX10)
13 AX1800 WiFi Router (RAX15)
14 AX1800 WiFi Router (RAX20)
15 AX2200 WiFi Router (RAX28)
16 AX2400 WiFi Router (RAX29)
17 AX3000 WiFi Router (RAX36S)
18 AX2400 WiFi Router (RAX30)
19 AX3000 WiFi Router (RAX35)
20 AX3000 WiFi Router (RAX38)
21 AX3000 WiFi Router (RAX40)
22 AX4200 WiFi Router (RAX43)
23 AX5400 WiFi Router (RAX50)
24 AX5400 WiFi Router (RAX50S)
25 AX5300 WiFi Router (RAX49S)
26 AX5400 WiFi Router (RAX54S)
27 AX6600 WiFi Router (RAX70)
28 AX6200 WiFi Router (RAX78)
29 AXE10000 WiFi Router (RAXE450)
30 AC3200 WiFi Router (R8000)
31 AC2600 WiFi Router (R7800)
32 AC1900 WiFi Router (R7000)
33 AX1800 WiFi Router (R6700AX)
34 AC1750 WiFi Router (R6700)
35 AC1750 WiFi Router (R6400)


  • What is a WiFi router?

    A WiFi router is a device that provides a wireless network connection, routing traffic from a modem. The router creates a wireless signal and sends information from the Internet to your devices, thus allowing them to connect to the network. NETGEAR offers multiple options of WiFi routers which include a range of Nighthawk products. Discover our ‘What is a WiFi Router’ page to learn more.

  • How does a WiFi router work?

    A WiFi router works by acting as a vehicle of communication between the device and Internet. It is connected to the modem which then enables it to create a wireless signal for the devices to connect with. WiFi routers offer different connectivity standards, including WiFi 6 and WiFi 6e.

  • Modem vs Router. What is the difference?

    The key difference between a Modem and a Router is that the modem creates the connection to the Internet whilst the router provides that connection to the connecting devices. Modem-routers are 2-in-1 devices working as a modem and a WiFi router.