802.11ac - The next generation WiFi Standard

The extraordinary growth in the number and type of WiFi devices, coupled with the increasing popularity of bandwidth intensive activities such as high definition video streaming, has created the demand for better performance with greater reach. 802.11ac, the next generation WiFi standard is designed to meet these needs.

Key Advantages of 802.11ac

Speed, reliability, quality

802.11ac enables dramatic leaps forward in the speed, reliability, and quality of wireless communications. By providing wider frequency bands, 802.11ac doubles the capacity of traffic that can be processed; multiple antennas increase the reach and the quality of reception at further distances; and faster processing provides up to triple the speeds that are possible with previous standards.

Increased Range with Beamforming Technology


The first 802.11ac devices are expected to ship during 2012.

NETGEAR - Technology innovation and leadership

NETGEAR is a trusted leader in both wired and wireless networking, and was the first provider of 802.11n products. NETGEAR continues its leadership position with 802.11ac- the Next Generation WiFi Standard by designing products that deliver the performance, reliability and quality that customers have come to expect.