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Does your internet feel a bit... slow?

Why is my internet slow?

We all know the feeling – the frustration of slow, unreliable Internet speeds and terrible WiFi coverage causing a less-than-ideal experience when it comes to browsing the Web, streaming movies, gaming, and more. You may not know exactly what the issue is or how you can solve it, but more than likely the culprit is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cable modem or gateway.

What’s the difference between a modem and a gateway?

A Gateway - also known as a modem router combo is a device combining both of the functionalities of routers and modems into one device. A Modem connects to your cable ISP and connects one wired devices to the internet. Router connects to your modem and generates a WiFi signal allowing multiple devices to share your modem's connection.

More savings More savings

Replace your ISP Router for Faster WiFi

Stop relying on your ISP’s WiFi solution. Poweful WiFi Routers and Mesh WiFi systems are compatible with any after-market or ISP Modem or Gateway. Simply replace your router or disable your Gateway’s WiFi with a high quality signal.

What are the benefits of owning your own equipment?

High quality equipment High quality equipment

High quality equipment.

By owning your own equipment, you can ensure that you will truly get the most out of your Internet service. NETGEAR's cable modems & gateways are designed to support all speed tiers, have more advanced feature sets and use the latest technology.

Better performance Better performance

Better performance.

When upgrading your cable modem or gateway, you will immediately benefit from better overall performance. Rather than getting stuck with the equipment your ISP provides, you can choose the best device that is suited for your service plan and ideal for your WiFi needs, ensuring you get the speeds you pay for and the coverage you need.

More savings More savings

More savings

Typically, ISPs charge up to $13 per month for you to rent their outdated equipment. With an upgrade, not only will you have better equipment suited for your needs, you can essentially save up to $156 per year! You can essentially save up to $156 per year when you own your Modem or Gateway."

Which internet service provider is right for me?

Depending in the area you live, you may have multiple Internet Services Providers to choose from. Some of the more popular ISPs include Xfinity/Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Fios by Verizon. Each with their own unique and special offerings, you can choose from Internet-only packages to bundled packages including Internet, TV, and Voice, as well as a range of download speeds and connection types - Cable, Fiber, or DSL. You will definitely want to see which ISPs are available in your area and determine your Internet needs when selecting a plan. More importantly, do extensive research and read reviews to determine who you ultimately want to go with.

Show your WiFi some love.

What if your Internet is working good enough for you, but your WiFi isn't? What many people don't know is that you can pair your own router with your ISP modem router. In doing so, you can almost guarantee your WiFi will exceptionally improve.

Purchasing your own WiFi router means you'll have the freedom to choose the best router for your WiFi needs. If you have a smart home with multiple WiFi and IoT devices, then a WiFi 6 router would be a great choice. If you need whole home coverage and want to blanket your home with WiFi, a great option would be a Mesh WiFi System. Whether you need your WiFi for streaming and gaming or need it to simply connect your mobile and smart home devices, there is a router out there for you that will be an upgrade over the WiFi that you may be getting from your ISP equipment, giving you better overall WiFi coverage and speeds.