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NETGEAR Connected Home CES 2022

CES 2022


NETGEAR Connected Home

Explore the latest home networking solutions and smart home services. Unprecedented WiFi speeds, unbeatable security, and unlimited peace of mind. Meet the future of WiFi.

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Visit our social channels for the latest announcements and news  
Netgear Facebook   Netgear Twitter   Netgear Instagram   Netgear YouTube

NETGEAR CES 2022 - Connected Home Highlights


WiFi 6E 

Power your devices with the fastest WiFi available with all new WiFi 6E

Quad-Band WiFi

All-new Quad-band mesh WiFi opens an extra 6 GHz lane for unbeatable bandwidth

NFTs on Meural 

Showcase your photos, art, and NFTs beautifully in the latest digital art frames

NETGEAR Game Booster

Take control of your WiFi and take your gameplay to the next level
fixed-wireless-full-asset fixed-wireless-full-asset

Fixed Wireless

Don’t be limited by poor wired internet solutions. Keep your home connected with 4G LTE and 5G WiFi Routers.