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PoE Features

Expand your network with all the innovative features NETGEAR PoE switches offer. These features include: FlexPoE, PoE auto-balance, uninterrupted PoE, PoE scheduling, advanced PoE controls and more. Gain more flexibility and control of your network with Insight remote management, and increase cost and energy efficiency with FlexPoE and PoE auto-balance.

Flex PoE

Upgradeable PoE Budgets

NETGEAR FlexPoE, available on select NETGEAR PoE switches, allow you to upgrade your switch PoE budget with new power adapters without replacing the entire switch.

Real Benefit

If you’re not sure how much PoE power you’ll need and have a limited budget, you can purchase the lower-powered version of the switch, and then, as your PoE needs grow, you can later upgrade the power adapter to get more PoE budget, as opposed to traditional switches, where you would need to completely replace the entire switch to get more power, costing you more in the end.

Additional Power Supply

Additional power supply needs to be purchased separately through NETGEAR here.


FlexPoE available for select models, check Yes for FlexPoE in the filter:

PoE Auto-Balance

Unmanaged Switches “PoE auto-balance”

NETGEAR’s unique PoE technology automatically balances the PoE power based on the device needs independent of PoE class detected. Each port gives exactly the power the device needs making the device energy efficient. This feature is available on the latest Unmanaged 300-Series models.

Uninterrupted PoE

Keep Power On

Keep PoE power on even when the switch is updating firmware or performing a software reboot. Two Smart models, supporting Ultra60 PoE++, GS110TUP and GS710TUP, bring PoE innovation to its highest with advanced PoE power management features.

GS110TUP and GS710TUP Advanced PoE Features

PoE scheduling, PoE power prioritization, per-port PoE control, dynamic PoE budget allocation, and uninterrupted PoE (keep PoE power up even during firmware update and switch restart).

Essential to Businesses

Uninterrupted PoE is essential to any business powering everything from IP cameras to LED lighting through the switch, making sure, the power is always on even during firmware updates or switch software reboot.