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Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working – Welcome to the New World of Work

With hybrid working, businesses of all kinds can be more agile. Learn about the range of Wireless APs, hotspots, Switches and remote management tools provided by NETGEAR Business to connect employees from home or anywhere.

 blog author
Doug Cheung
Sr. PLM for Consumer NAS

Welcome to the New World of Work

Working-from-home has evolved into work-from-anywhere. Also called hybrid-working, the modern workplace covers multiple locations, whether in the office or remote. According to research carried out by McKinsey, 90 percent of business executives see a hybrid model going forward, and it is already happening-organizations are already talking about having staff in the office some days, then working from home on others.
As well as giving staff more flexibility and control over the working day, there are powerful benefits for business owners too. For example, reduced office space can create cost savings. In addition, it may be easier to attract a wider pool of talented employees and have greater diversity by removing the need to commute to a physical office.
With hybrid working, businesses of all kinds can be more agile. A senior medical professional could work from two clinics and provide video consultations from their home office. A school could support both classroom-based and remote students with one consistent experience. A law firm could enable secure collaboration across in-person or remote clients and employees.
Today’s ‘office’ puts people at the heart of the workplace without being limited to specific locations. However, for that experience to work well, it must be consistent and seamless, anywhere, and everywhere. The key to that? Excellent network connectivity. To be genuinely successful, hybrid working needs a robust and very flexible communications framework that adapts to each user, environment, and moment in time. Security and privacy are high on the agenda.

Discover the potential

NETGEAR has the tools to help Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) adopt hybrid working, whether in the office, home, or any other remote location, such as coffee shops and airports. As always, NETGEAR focuses on providing reliability and safety, combined with fuss-free deployment and management. There are feature-rich products fit for even the most budget-conscious small business. For instance, the Business Essentials range delivers high-performance WiFi for individuals and families based at home, with just two steps to be up and running. 
Covering up to 21,000 square feet, the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 range provides whole-home DIY WiFi, able to multiple users at home, whether working or during personal time, as well as connect smart home systems. Options include multi-gig Ethernet and the ability to create separate-sub networks (SSIDs) from one system, so different users can have their own private WiFi network. New for Fall 2021 is the addition of Business VPN, so home users can directly connect to the office WiFi system with effortless, one-step connectivity. 
When in public spaces or on the move, employees can connect securely and efficiently to their work environment using a mobile hotspot device: small enough to fit in a bag, sufficient to support 1Gbps access speeds and up to 20 devices simultaneously.
NETGEAR’s portfolio of WiFi 6 Access points and Ethernet switches give businesses multiple options, plus the award-winning Insight cloud portal means they can configure, manage and troubleshoot their networks remotely (for select devices).
With a bit of help from NETGEAR, businesses can explore the benefits of hybrid working and modernize the workplace, wherever and whenever.