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Wireless Access Points

Discover our locally managed Business Essentials Wifi Access Points for home and small office.

1-Year NETGEAR Insight Subscription Included
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1-Year NETGEAR Insight Subscription Included
1-Year NETGEAR Insight Subscription Included


  • What is an access point?

    An access point is a device that forms a wireless local area network (WLAN) which enables your devices to connect. NETGEAR offers a range of access points, including WiFi 6 access points.

  • How does an access point work?

    An access point works by being connected to a router or a switch. This enables the access point to have an internet connection which it transmits as a WiFi signal to specific areas.

  • Access point vs Router: What is the difference?

    The main difference between an access point and a router is that while a router acts as the device that creates a network for devices to connect to, an access point provides an additional location for devices to connect from. NETGEAR offers multiple options of WiFi routers, which include a range of Nighthawk products, as well as access points, which include WiFi 6 access point products.