As the capability to work remotely has become increasingly critical, NETGEAR Business has you covered with innovative technology and products designed to help you stay productive when working from home while providing a consistent user experience with a reliable WiFi connection.

Examples of business grade networking for your home so you can optimize your network

Teach from home kit for teachers and tutors. A perfect bundle with Orbi Pro Mesh WiFi and an 8-port Ethernet switch to add more ports for reliable wired connectivity.

Learn from home kit for all students for online school, tutoring, home schooling. Great speeds and coverage with Orbi Pro and a 5-port switch for reliable wired connectivity.

Business Mesh WiFi with separate SSIDs for home network, office network and IoT. Also includes Insight remote management from anywhere for all team members and multiple locations.

Use an unmanaged switch to “wire up” and take the burden off the WiFi network, available from 5 to 48 ports

Choose a managed switch with Insight for remote management from anywhere. All team members’ networks can be managed centrally from the company IT staff easily.

For business-grade performance in your home select an Insight Managed Access Point. These can also be centrally managed from anywhere for ease of team network management.

Multi-gig switches are best for iMac Pro, NAS connectivity, or any device “going beyond Gigabit”. Get the speed you need for faster access, better conferencing or streaming.

For a full business set-up select a Smart Pro PoE switch, high-density WiFi AP and remote management from a central location for all team members. A complete business network at home for consistent experience between the office and home.

Stream from home for newscasters and YouTubers with Managed switches with 10G connectivity. Your viewers need the best quality at any time.

Connect more. Stream more. Do more with NETGEAR Business

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