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MS108UP Multi-Gig Unmanaged PoE++ Switch. Designed for WiFi 6 APs

 blog author
Iphie Chen
Sr. Product Line Manager

Across the technology industry, the number of devices with multi-gig capabilities and speed is increasing seemingly every day, with examples ranging from NETGEAR’s latest WiFi 6 access points to multi-gig cable modems and network-attached storage (NAS) devices. But it doesn’t stop there. The increased usage of video and more modern applications such as live streaming requires today’s companies to provide more bandwidth for their employees, ultimately ensuring smooth network traffic that can no longer be handled exclusively by Gigabit connectivity.

Similarly, the increase in power needed to run devices such as wireless access points, 4K IP cameras and the latest PoE-powered LED lighting, and IP speakers brings yet another challenge to organizations large and small. That’s why today NETGEAR is introducing the MS108UP Ultra60 PoE++ Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, which offers 230W PoE budget with eight1G/2.5G ports for WiFi 6 access point connectivity, IP surveillance and mobility. NETGEAR’s latest tech is the only multi-gig unmanaged PoE++ switch available in the market.

To fully realize the benefits of WiFi6 organizations need to have two things: PoE++ and at least 2.5G Ethernet port speeds on the switch powering their access points. Using a switch that only supports 1Gb will “limit” the throughput of WiFi6 down to WiFi5 speeds/bandwidth. Same with using only PoE+ and not PoE++, WiFi6 access points need more than 25.5W to avoid crippling performance.

Simply put, the MS108UP Unmanaged switch is for organizations who buy infrastructure for the long term and desire a future-proof PoE network. Furthermore, organizations can now power all devices from a single switch with whatever power they need (up to 60W per port, 230W total budget).

Versatile Support for PoE Needs of Today and Tomorrow

With the introduction of this industry-leading switch, NETGEAR has developed a product capable of both supporting 2.5G/1G/100M (multi-gig) speeds as well as Ultra60 PoE++ on a single switch across an existing Cat5e or better infrastructure. Additionally, the auto-adapt multi-gig ports can save on re-cabling costs and are designed to support WiFi 6 access point connectivity, IP surveillance and mobility. The MS108UP is also plug-and-play, with no software or configuration needed, while providing a fan less design that can be placed in any noise-sensitive environment

Added Standout Features

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) for maximum power savings —Latest energy-saving abilities including per-port automatic change to a lower power mode when the port link is down, or idle
  • Non-blocking switching architecture for maximum throughput at wire speed —Get all the connectivity you want to your devices across all 8 ports of Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, without congestion and in full duplex mode.
  • Pro SAFE LIFETIME Limited Warranty—Includes LIFETIME Next Business Day (NBD) Replacement, LIFETIME Technical Chat online support, and 90 days free Technical Phone support

All Under One Roof

For those familiar with NETGEAR’s industry-leading WiFi 6 access points , the MS108UP is the ideal companion to products like the NETGEAR WAX610 and WAX630 with 2.5G connectivity–perfect for small and midsize offices or home offices.

NETGEAR leads the industry with support of Ultra60 PoE++,and has exclusive PoE Auto-Balance features to automatically balance the PoE power based on the device needs, optimizing the PoE budget on the switch and reducing the need for multiple switches and reducing energy costs

Pricing and Availability

Available starting today, the NETGEAR MS108UP switch is $399.99 and available on .

For more information about NETGEAR’s award-winning line of switches visit .