Say goodbye to surveillance blindspots

NETGEAR® FlexPower

ONVIF® Compliant Wire-Free IP Camera System

NETGEAR® FlexPower, ONVIF® compliant Wire-Free IP Camera System

Model: VNC4030 & VNB4000

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HD IP Camera without Wires

Netgear FlexPower is the first wire-free, ONVIF® compliant IP camera for small business surveillance. This weather-resistant, battery-powered, wire-free camera offers the simplest installation and the flexibility to be mounted in places where power cables just can't reach. The FlexPower Base Station provides secure wireless connectivity for up to 4 FlexPower cameras, while enabling extended battery life and ONVIF® compliance for FlexPower cameras. With its flexible mounting options, the Base Station can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or placed on any flat surface.

The Perfect Addition to your Business Surveillance Solution

NETGEAR® FlexPower Camera is the only wire-free, battery-powered ONVIF® compliant camera and it is compatible with many existing security systems. Wide-angle PIR motion detection and 720p HD video is captured with a 130-degree lens day and night, offering video security that can fill in blind spots and complement existing, always-on cameras in your system. Multiple cameras and base stations can be added to your system to provide the coverage your business needs. FlexPower cameras and base stations require an ONVIF compatible storage system or software, such as NETGEAR® Milestone Arcus on ReadyNAS©, to create a complete video security solution.

Flexible Power Options

The FlexPower camera can operate on its removable, rechargeable battery for months at a time*. It can also be installed with an optional solar panel to maintain longer time between charges or eliminate the need to change all together, depending upon your usage. Additionally, the camera can be continuously powered with the provided power adapter and 10ft cable, with the ability to continue operating in the event of AC power loss.

*Battery life varies with usage. Operating in battery powered mode is ideal for low traffic surveillance areas.

Wire-Free Placement

Place it anywhere, indoors or out, no cords or wiring hassles. The camera includes two mounts: a secure threaded mount for outdoor placement and a convenient indoor wall mount that allows the camera to swivel around its magnetic base, making installation flexible and fast.

The FlexPower camera is IP65 rated and continues to provide outdoor video surveillance, rain or shine.

Flexible Mounting

Flexibility doesn’t stop with the camera, the FlexPower base station can be placed on a table or any flat surface, mounted on a wall to save space or mounted to a drop ceiling with the included T-bar mounting kit, to give you the flexibility of placing the base station in an ideal place for best performance and coverage. Add base stations to your system to increase coverage or to support more cameras.

Motion Activated Streaming

The FlexPower camera has a 130-degree PIR motion detector built-in, which allows the camera to operate in a lower power state until motion is detected. The camera and base station maintain a connection with your ONVIF storage system, but only streams video when motion is detected, to preserve battery life while maintaining ONVIF® compliance. Tapping the PTZ controls in your video management system app will wake the camera for live streaming.

Video Surveillance that works day or night

Built-in Infrared LEDs illuminate up to 25 feet to enable the camera to see clearly in the dark. Advanced RGB-IR image sensor eliminates the need for an IR-cut filter and it’s associated clicking noise, for discrete operation.

Web-Based Management

FlexPower cameras and base stations are configured with a mobile-optimized web interface that is easy to access while positioning cameras. From your smartphone or tablet, you can use the “add to home screen” feature to transform the webpage into a web app. Tapping the app on your home screen instantly loads the web interface for quick settings adjustments in the future. The web interface is only accessible when your mobile device or computer is connected to the same local network as the FlexPower system, for enhanced security.

Video Security For Your Needs

Ideal Uses

Small Businesses & Franchises

Wire-free camera for easy, low-cost install. Businesses that rent their buildings can save money not having to run wires or pay for costly building upgrades.

Medium Businesses

Businesses that have an existing VMS-based security system with specialized professional cameras, but need to fill blind spots previously prohibited by installation/power cable running costs.

Government & Law Enforcement

Set up pop-up security system for events and law enforcement operations that is compatible with your chosen VMS. Can be paired with NETGEAR® LTE Modems such as the LB1120 to send video streams to remote VMS servers. Add wire-free security with solar power to impound yards and other sprawling properties. Quick, discrete installs for safe-houses and other high-value environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Requirements

    • NETGEAR FlexPower Wire-Free IP Camera

    • FlexPower Base Station (sold separately)

    • Router or Switch with available Ethernet port

    • AC wall outlet to power base station

    • ONVIF compliant VMS or NVR

  • Video

    • Resolution: 720p HD

    • Format: H.264, Motion jpeg

    • Field of View: 130°

    • Built-in 850nm IR illumination - 25ft range

  • Camera Battery

    • 17.57Wh, 7.2V

    • Quick Charge 9v Micro USB

    • Charging adapter with removable 10ft USB cable

  • Wireless

    • Frequency: 2.4GHz

    • Range: up to 300ft line of sight

  • Certifications

    • FCC, WEEE

  • Dimensions & Weight (Camera) :

    • 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 in (79.3 x 48.6 x 70.5 mm)

    • 4.8oz (136g)

  • Dimensions & Weight (Base Station) :

    • 7 x 1.8 x 6.54 in (178.8 x 47.4 x 166.2mm)

    • 8.97oz (254.3g)

  • Warranty