Kick-Start Your Home-Based Business With NETGEAR

Easy and affordable WiFi and networking solutions for your start-up.

Did you recently switch gears to starting your own business at home?

There are many reasons why you started your business and the many benefits of having your own business are well known.

Just to mention a few, increased flexibility, full authority, investing in personal interests, and more.

Whether you conduct classes online, provide online tutoring, or have an online store or service, the first thing you need is to set up a business grade WiFi network.

Identifying Your WiFi Needs

Augment Your Current Network

Overhaul Your Current Network

Addressing Security Concerns

NETGEAR Solutions for Home-Based Businesses

Whether you need to augment or overhaul your network, choose the best wireless solution for your home-based business needs.

Expand Your Wired Connectivity with Control and Security

You are starting up a business from home, there is no IT professional to help you prepare for network growth. NETGEAR Plus Switches are easy to set up, provide fundamental network features and more:

  • Plug-and-play switches that allow your wired network to be set up quickly and easily
  • Configure your network using a user-friendly web GUI
  • Separate sub-networks for your business with secure VLANs so you can have a work and a home network.
  • PoE models are available so you can power PoE devices you might have such as wireless access points, surveillance cameras: GS305EP, GS30EPP, GS308EP, GS308EPP