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Switched in Thinking

Episode 5 – "The Importance of a Smooth-Running Surveillance System"

Featuring: Marynel Rapinan and Iphie Chen

In Episode 5 of Switched On Thinking, host Neil C Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Product Manager Marynel Rapinan and Product Line Manager Iphie Chen, as they discuss the importance of surveillance for SMB.

Aug 27, 2020

"Busting the Myths of Surveillance"

Neil, Marynel and Iphie discuss not just the importance of surveillance for SMBs but also challenge some of the myths attached to it. While many believe surveillance can be costly and difficult to set-up, the truth is that it can be scaled to suit the needs of your business with relative ease and at an affordable cost.

Simplicity is also key when it comes to surveillance with many believing it to be cumbersome, however, as Iphie explains though, it doesn’t have to be that way, “The simplest and most reliable type of cameras are PoE powered, this allows the user to have a wired connection to the camera for reliability as well as to power the camera using just one cable with no need to have a power outlet nearby.”

The Networking Tech That Powers Surveillance

This episode also reveals the technology behind surveillance and highlights the importance that networking devices can provide a powerful, robust and reliable surveillance system for any SMBs.

On the show, Marynel explains that "Our technology helps users move away from old and grainy devices so they can use more advanced devices for better and higher quality features. Nowadays, 4K cameras are very trendy so our new technology – like the Ultra 60 PoE++ - can help support those products."

A New Episode Every Two Weeks

Twice a month, Switched On Thinking will deliver insightful analysis by exploring real-world networking challenges faced by businesses today and in the future. We’ll discuss the key role that networking technology plays in driving business success and continuity, so you can spend more time on what matters – growing your business.

The show will cover a range of topics, including how to improve productivity and how Cloud Managed Networks can be a real asset when growing your business.

We’ll cover all of that and so much more moving forward, ensuring that you have a wealth of knowledge from experts who know what they’re talking about and can provide you with essential expertise.