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M4300 Managed Switches 1G to 10G IT and AV over IP

M4300 Series managed switches deliver High Availability, Multi-resiliency, PVST+ Interoperability, Link Dependency, and more.

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0 M4300-8X8F (XSM4316S)
1 M4300-12X12F (XSM4324S)
2 M4300-24X (XSM4324CS)
3 M4300-24XF (XSM4324FS)
4 M4300-24X24F (XSM4348S)
5 M4300-48X (XSM4348CS)
6 M4300-48XF (XSM4348FS)
7 M4300-28G (GSM4328S)
8 M4300-52G (M4300-52G)
9 M4300-28G PoE+ (GSM4328PA)
10 M4300-52G-PoE+ (GSM4352PA)
11 M4300-52G-PoE+ (GSM4352PB)