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Switched in Thinking

Episode 10 – "The Value of Mobile Broadband Internet"

Featuring: Max Wu and Janice Ting

Welcome to this latest episode that explores the value that mobile broadband internet can bring not just to consumers, but to businesses too.

One of the biggest changes the world has seen this year has been the new need to work from anywhere. That means that we all need a constant, reliable, and secure connection.

In Episode 10 of the Switched On Thinking Podcast, host Neil C. Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Senior Product Line Manager, Max Wu, and Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Janice Ting, to discuss the alternatives and options we all have available but may not know about.

Nov 9, 2020


  • How NETGEAR mobile hotspots and routers provide the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • How NETGEAR’s mobile broadband internet can prevent the use of insecure public WiFi.
  • The types of users who benefit most from mobile broadband internet.
  • How NETGEAR mobile hotspots and routers such as Orbi 4G LTE (LBR20) are perfect for users who aren’t technical.
  • How NETGEAR products will help to bring us into an exciting new era of technology.
  • Customers Are Switching on to “Cyber Hygiene”

    “We have so many insurance policies in our life, yet seldom do we have something in place to ensure that we remain connected when we need it most”, Neil explains on the podcast. Janice discusses how this year has made us “digital nomads, and flexibility is key to everything.”

    When we are in a rush, low on battery, or can’t turn on our phone’s hotspot, we sometimes resort to using unsecure public WiFi. Janice explains how NETGEAR’s mobile broadband internet lets you work from the airport lounge, cafes, the car or the park on your own trusted WiFi network, carrying your own insurance in your pocket. “You can connect up to 32 devices on some models which means you can share it with your team members… or your family on a trip.”

    Mobile Broadband Technology Is Already Changing Lives

    In this episode, Max explains how small businesses, pop-ups, and construction, automotive, delivery and on-site services companies that lack wired internet infrastructure on their sites can use LTE technology to become more flexible and secure more customers, and revenue. People with secondary or vacation homes can enjoy fast speeds on a demand basis too.

    Janet discusses testimonials from customers in rural areas and even areas of built-up cities with slower wired internet options. Now, these customers are enjoying fast speeds on the mobile networks, many relying on them as their main internet connection. She also relays that students who require fast speeds for online learning who cannot commit to long-term internet contracts are increasingly relying on mobile hotspots.

    “5G will be the revolutionary technology that can deliver much faster speeds”, Max says. “Much lower latency will enable a lot more use cases like smart cities, smart factories, smart farming - potentially changing our life… and bringing us into the new technology era.”

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