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Meural, Meet Swivel Mount: Meural’s First Accessory Doubles its Art Library

Canvas owners can now effortlessly switch between horizontal and vertical modes, right on the wall

October 18th, 2018—NEW YORK, NY - Meural, a NETGEAR brand and the creative engine behind development of the patented smart art frame, is excited to announce a substantial enhancement to the Meural platform: the Swivel Mount.

The Swivel Mount is a lightweight, sturdy and easy-to-use hanging mechanism that allows users to seamlessly switch their Meural Canvas orientation from horizontal to vertical, and back again. The smooth 90-degree swivel gives users the ability to display all the art they love, without any hassle.


Meural’s signature art library, housed at, contains 30,000 works of art—a value totaling over 3 billion dollars—which can be accessed without limit with the Meural Membership). Works in Meural’s revolving library are grouped by theme, period, mood, and genre, with artwork available in a mix of horizontal and vertical orientations. With the addition of the Swivel Mount, members of the Meural community are no longer confined to displaying artwork in one orientation—effectively doubling the amount of art that can be shown on the Canvas. Sensors within the Canvas automatically detect orientation, so the artwork within the frame adjusts to match, making for a fluid and intuitive process across both hardware and software.

“The most passionate members of the Meural community have been asking for a product like this for quite some time. As our community and art library grow, we continue to find that Meural Members are seeking ways to engage with our product more deeply.” says Meural Co-Founder Vladimir Vukicevic. “With the Swivel Mount, we’ve delivered a simple accessory that answers users’ needs, opens up a new world of potential for our art library, and significantly enriches the Meural Canvas experience.”

The Meural Swivel Mount ($49.95) will be on-sale on starting October 17th, and available in retail stores later this fall. To find a retailer near you, visit


Product Details:



   MSRP: $49.95

  • Compatible with Meural Canvas Leonora Black, Leonora White, and Winslow (Canvases in market from October 2017 onward)
  • Rotates 90 degrees
  • Lightweight & Durable


About Meural:

Meural combines the best of art, technology, and design, to create products that make us feel something. Founded in 2014 by Vladimir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu, Meural was acquired by NETGEAR in August 2018. We are building a future in which art fills every blank wall, and everyone can become a patron of the arts. To that end, we’ve developed a patented platform for discovering, customizing, and interacting with visual art in your everyday life. Through both our hardware product, the Meural Canvas smart frame, and my.meural—the expertly-curated library that powers it—the Meural platform empowers users to display over 30,000 artworks, and interact with them using voice, gesture, web, or mobile app. Under the trusted umbrella of NETGEAR—the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet—Meural becomes an even more powerful platform for bringing the joy of art to the people—in their homes, offices, and anywhere else art can live. More information is available on Connect with Meural on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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