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Switched in Thinking

Episode 2 – "The Vision for the Home Office of the future"

Featuring: Doug Cheung, NETGEAR’s Product Line Manager

With home and hybrid working becoming the norm for SMBs, in Episode 2 of Switched On Thinking, our host Neil C Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Product Line Manager Doug Cheung, as they explore the ins and outs of …

Jul 2, 2020

You’ll also discover:

  • What the future of the home office will look like
  • The Work-Bandwidth Life Boundary
  • Working from home securely and safely
  • The magic of WiFi and creating a world that is seamlessly connected
  • Empowering employees and businesses to boost productivity
  • Productivity, Security and Education from the Home Office of the Future

    Episode two’s topics include the importance of what Doug called the “work-bandwidth life boundary,” and the importance of separating work from home, in terms of life and WiFi network efficiency.

    Security was also a major topic, highlighting the importance of robust protections against cyber-criminals, which are increasingly targeting home workers as the weakest point of entry into corporate networks.

    “You’ve got to draw a clear boundary between work and home life when it comes to security and that is paramount in the future when we transform our work force from office only to an office/home hybrid model. Security is going to be paramount and without security this new form of working will just not work.”

    Doug doesn’t just touch on working from home during his chat with Neil though, he also discusses the importance of how an improved WiFi solution can benefit education at home. Doug says that “… it is so important to improve WiFi as a solution in the home to benefit education.”

    Finally, Doug looks towards the future of WiFi and wireless communications, including WiFi 6 and 5G and how NETGEAR is at the forefront of creating a world that is seamlessly connected.

    Now, more than ever, working from home has become the norm and the ‘work-bandwidth life boundary’ that Doug references on the show is a challenge we all face. Have you segmented a little of your WiFi just for work purposes to ensure you can have your video conferencing calls without interruption? Listen to the show to find out more about how you can collectively better manage your WiFi and keep it secure.