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Switched in Thinking

Episode 4 – "Innovations in Live OTT Sports Broadcasting with NETGEAR and Hawk-Eye"

Featuring: Kat Hayes

In Episode 4 of Switched On Thinking we welcome Kat Hayes, Senior Network Engineer, from Hawk-Eye who joins NETGEAR’s Business Development and Technical Manager Kieran Purdie and host Neil C Hughes as they explore the many challenges associated with fast-paced, live OTT sports broadcasting, where network switch performance and stability are absolutely crucial.

Aug 14, 2020

“It has to work, and it has to work now!”

Hawk-Eye is a leading innovator in sports technology and is perhaps best-known as the broadcast tool used to analyse decisions in cricket. However, Hawk-Eye has now become an integral part of over twenty sports and every year covers 20,000 games or events across 500+ stadiums in over 90 countries, ranging from tennis to Iranian volleyball.

Neil, Kat and Kieran talk about the challenges of keeping data flowing in this rapidly evolving OTT broadcast environment, no matter whether the event is held in a world-class stadium, or a remote location where internet connectivity is a constant struggle.

“Hawk-Eye is the most sophisticated vision processing system in broadcasting, and it demands a robust, high-performance networking solution to ensure that critical moments are never missed,” said Kieran Purdie. “As a global company, NETGEAR has resources in almost every country, which allows us to rapidly test and adapt to the evolving challenges that Hawk-Eye Innovations faces.”

The importance of partnerships

The podcast also discusses the importance of the close working partnership NETGEAR and Hawk-Eye Innovations share and how such partnerships are fundamental to the reliability of the platform.

“Unlike traditional networking, where you can delay a project for a day or even a week, with live sports everything has to work from the get-go,” said Kat Hayes. “This means ensuring that the network, which is effectively the heart that keeps the Hawk-Eye platform running, is robust and reliable. However, more than this, we need a global partner we can rely on to ensure that when unforeseen technical challenges arise, we can solve them together, quickly and easily.”

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