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Netgear Mesh -3.30.23

Whole Home Mesh WiFi

No more dead zones, dropped connections, or buffering. Cover every square metre of your home with smooth, reliable, best-in-class WiFi.

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0 BE27000 Mesh WiFi System (RBE973SB)
1 BE27000 Mesh WiFi System (RBE973S)
2 BE27000 Mesh WiFi System (RBE972S)
3 BE27000 WiFi Satellite (RBE970B)
4 BE27000 WiFi Satellite (RBE970)
5 AXE11000 Mesh WiFi System (RBKE963B)
6 AXE11000 Mesh WiFi System (RBKE963)
7 AXE11000 Mesh WiFi System (RBKE962)
8 AXE11000 WiFi Satellite (RBSE960B)
9 AXE11000 WiFi Satellite (RBSE960)
10 AX6000 Mesh WiFi System (RBK863SB)
11 AX6000 Mesh WiFi System (RBK863S)
12 AX6000 Mesh WiFi System (RBK862SB)
13 AX6000 Mesh WiFi System (RBK862S)
14 AX6000 WiFi Satellite (RBS860B)
15 AX6000 WiFi Satellite (RBS860)
16 AX6000 WiFi Mesh System (RBK853)
17 AX6000 WiFi Mesh System (RBK852)
18 AX6000 WiFi Satellite (RBS850)
19 AX5400 WiFi Mesh System (RBK763S)
20 AX5400 WiFi Mesh System (RBK762S)
21 Dual-band AX3000 3-Pack (MK73S)
22 Dual-band AX3000 2-Pack (MK72S)
23 Dual-band AX1800 2-Pack (MK62)
24 AX1800 WiFi Mesh System (RBK353)
25 AX1800 WiFi Mesh System (RBK352)
26 Dual-band AX1800 3-Pack (MK63)
27 Dual-band AX3000 Add-On Satellite (MS70)