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The WiFi 6 Difference

Increased speed, coverage, and capacity for today’s WiFi demands

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  • Speed Up to 70% faster speeds on both bands
  • Coverage Up to 50% more coverage, with no dead zones
  • Device Capacity More simultaneous users, with high WiFi quality for everyone
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WiFi 6 Speed Difference

NETGEAR products offer WiFi 6 on all bands, contrary to some other models on the market. Get the most out of WiFi 6 for all your devices and enjoy up to 70% more speed with NETGEAR.

image-descriptionTraditional WiFi 4/5
A 100GB file takes 115 sec to download
image-descriptionNew WiFi 6
A 100GB file takes 64 sec to download
Up to 70% FASTER

up to 70% faster than 2.4GHz, and 30% on 5GHz

Adoption of WiFI 6 for Business

Why are businesses adopting WiFi 6?

  • image description
    Best WiFi Speed
  • image description
    More Devices
  • image description
  • image description
  • image description
  • image description
    Battery Efficiency
  • image description
  • image description
    Faster Backbone
    with 2.5G
  • image description
    High Density IoT
  • image description
    Safer Networks

WiFi 6 from NETGEAR is eliminating the bottlenecks of business communication.

Remote WiFi 6 Management

Most NETGEAR WiFi 6 business access points include NETGEAR Insight, the award-winning remote cloud management solution for easy installation, monitoring, and management from anywhere.

NETGEAR Insight is an industry first in network management, providing easy plug-and-play setup and management. Its cloud portal can be accessed via an intuitive web interface or the Insight mobile app. Insight offers a wide variety of configuration options for the most basic networks to multi-tenancy and multi-roles.


NETGEAR Insight enables easy configuration, monitoring, and management of your wireless access points together with Insight-managed switches and storage. Wireless management features include: Instant WiFi for automatic wireless configuration to limit interferences, frequency band selection, VLAN creation and association with SSID, WiFi security configuration, visibility into WiFi clients, reporting, and many more.

WiFi 6 Access Points and WiFi Systems

Insight Managed Access Points (Remote management)
WiFi 6 AP WAX610
WAX610 WiFi 6 Access Point
WiFi 6 AP WAX610Y Outdoor
WAX610Y Outdoor WiFi 6 Access Point
WiFi Technology WiFi 6 802.11ax WiFi 6 802.11ax
Total Bandwith 1.8Gbps 1.8Gbps
Streams 4 4
Insight Managment Option image description image description
PoE Powered image description image description
PoE+ Watts 15.3W 16.1W
Dedicated Wireless Backhaul N/A N/A
Concurrent Users 50 50
Multi-Gig Port 2.5G image description image description

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WiFi Systems
Orbi Pro WiFi 6
SXK30 Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini
Orbi Pro WiFi 6
WiFi Technology WiFi 6 802.11ax WiFi 6 802.11ax
Total Bandwith 1.8Gbps 6.0Gbps
Streams 4 12
Insight Managment Option image description image description
PoE Powered N/A N/A
PoE+ Watts N/A N/A
Dedicated Wireless Backhaul image description image description
Concurrent Users 40 60
Multi-Gig Port 2.5G image description image description
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Additional Features

Small- to medium-sized organizations can take depend on NETGEAR for cost-effective WiFi 6 access points and devices.

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Why NETGEAR for business networking

  • Leading warranty, next business day replacement, and 24/7 support
  • Proven WiFi technology for millions of users in homes and businesses
  • Global market leader in Ethernet switching for small business, also in the specific new areas of high PoE and multi-gig switching
  • More than 20 years of reliability and performance
  • Enterprise-grade networking at the right price for small and medium businesses

Why WiFi 6 from NETGEAR Business

  • Intelligent and high-density WiFi with adaptative configuration, load balancing, dynamic VLANs, and seamless roaming
  • Get the speed you pay for with 2.5G connectivity for better streaming, conferencing, and collaboration
  • Safe access and secure sub-networks (SSIDs and VLANs)
  • Remote cloud management with multi-tenant and multi-location management and easy configuration

Multi-gig connectivity on WiFi 6 devices for a faster backbone

MultiGig WiFi 6

Wireless access points equipped with a 2.5G multi-gig port can automatically adapt to required speeds and provide 100M/1G and 2.5G backhaul connectivity when connected to a 2.5G-capable switch. Multi-gig allows higher bandwidth allocation from access points to connected wireless devices. (Ideal switches to power WAX610 and WAX610Y are GSM4210P and MS510TXPP).

With WiFi this advanced, you’re going to want it everywhere.

Experience increased speed, coverage, and capacity for today’s WiFi demands, and see why NETGEAR has been a leader in SMB networking for over 20 years.

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