The Ultimate 10 Gig Routers: Elevating Home Networks with Orbi Series



Introducing two feature-rich 10 Gig Routers: Orbi 970 Series RBE971S Mesh Router with WiFi 7 and the Orbi 860 Series RBR860 Router with WiFi 6. Perfect compliment for gigabit plus ISP connections.

10Gb Router and Mult-Gig Routers

In today’s hybrid-remote world, the demand for cutting-edge WiFi technology has never been more critical. NETGEAR is proud to introduce the latest advancements in home networking: the Orbi 970 10Gb Mesh Router RBE971S/RBE971SB, alongside our trusted RBR860S Orbi 10Gb Router with WiFi 6. These routers are designed to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and connected homes, offering unparalleled speed, coverage, and flexibility.

Orbi 970 Series: With 10 Gigabit Mesh Router For The Ultimate in Home Networking

The Orbi 970 Series, featuring the RBE971S & RBE971SB model Mesh Routers, sets a new standard for home networking with its Quad-Band WiFi 7 technology, delivering speeds up to 27Gbps. This series is a testament to NETGEAR’s commitment to innovation, offering 2.4x faster speeds than WiFi 6, ensuring your network is equipped for the demands of 8K streaming, video conferencing, gaming, VR, and more.

Unmatched Connectivity with 10G Ports

The RBE971S/RBE971SB models boast 10 Gig internet ports, along with additional 10Gbps & 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports, providing unbeatable speed and reliability for all your wired connections. These features make the Orbi 970 Series the best 10gb router choice for homes with multi-gig internet connections, ensuring you’re ready for today’s technology and tomorrow’s advancements.

The 10Gbps capability of the Orbi 970 Series and Orbi 860 Series RBR860S represents a monumental leap forward in home networking technology, catering specifically to the bandwidth-intensive needs of modern, connected households.

The 10 gigabit router feature is not just about achieving faster internet speeds; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your home network. With a 10Gbps port, users can enjoy seamless, ultra-high-speed connections perfect for 8K video streaming, virtual reality applications, and competitive online gaming without lag or interruption.

Furthermore, the inclusion of these ports ensures that your network infrastructure is ready for future internet service upgrades, making the Orbi 970 Series and Orbi 860 Series some of the best 10gb routers on the market. This capability also enhances wired connections to desktops, gaming consoles, and NAS devices, providing a robust, reliable connection that wireless networks can’t always guarantee. By integrating 10Gbps ports, NETGEAR ensures that your home network is not just keeping pace with current technology but is poised to embrace future advancements, making it a truly future-proof investment for any tech-savvy household.

Seamlessly Upgradeable to Mesh Systems

Flexibility is at the core of the Orbi 970 Series and Orbi 860 Series, with easy expansion options to grow your network. By adding Orbi 970 satellites (sold separately), you can expand your WiFi coverage with the push of a button, leveraging your WiFi investment for years to come. This upgradable mesh router system ensures that your home network can adapt to your changing needs. Discover how to choose the right satellites for your Orbi system. Additional Satellites are also available many Orbi Kits and Mesh Routers such as the 860 Series.

Orbi 860 Series RBR860S: Proven WiFi 6 Performance

The Orbi RBR860S continues to be a cornerstone of NETGEAR’s router lineup, offering robust WiFi 6 technology. With a 10 Gig Internet port and four 1 Gig Ethernet LAN ports, the RBR860S provides comprehensive coverage for homes up to 2,700 sq. ft. Its tri-band technology ensures maximum throughput and range, making it an ideal choice for smaller homes or apartments.

Nighthawk RS700S 10Gb Standalone WiFi 7 Router

Nighthawk unleash the with the most advanced Standalone WiFi ever with scorching-fast speeds of up to 19Gbps. RS700S WiFi 7 Router includes One 10Gbps Internet port and a One 10Gbps Ethernet LAN port for extreme wired performance. Learn More about RS700S.

With NETGEAR Armor & Parental Controls

Both Orbi routers have a compact and sleek design to complement any home’s desired aesthetic. They are easy to set up and manage via the Orbi app, and offer a subscription for Smart Parental Controls to manage kids’ time and accessibility online. And or NETGEAR Armor – adding an additional layer of security to your network, and connected devices. Depending on your WiFi needs, either one would be a future-proof addition to your home for years to come.

Choosing the Right Orbi System for Your Home

Whether you’re drawn to the advanced capabilities of the Orbi 970 Series or the proven performance of the RBR860S, NETGEAR offers solutions tailored to your home’s unique needs. Learn how to choose the right Orbi system for your home, ensuring you have the speed, coverage, and flexibility to support all your online activities.

With NETGEAR’s Orbi 970 Series and 860 routers, you’re not just getting a WiFi network; you’re investing in a future-proof ecosystem designed for the demands of affluent, technology-driven homes. Upgrade your home network today and experience the ultimate in connectivity and performance.