Orbi RBK853 Vs RBK863S Best-Selling Mesh Evolved

Ravindra Bhilave

Ravindra Bhilave, Sr. Director,
Product Management
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Performance. Protection. Perfection. In our latest blog we compare one of our best-selling WiFi 6 Orbi 850 series to the new and improved Orbi 860S Series Mesh system.

Orbi 860 Series: What’s new?

We recently announced our new Orbi 860 Series, the next version of our award-winning tri-band WiFi 6 mesh system. It builds on a perennial favorite and one of our best-selling systems, the Orbi 850 Series, with some technology improvements and additions, including support for multi-gig connections, upgraded antenna design and an included year of NETGEAR Armor to provide an automatic shield of security across connected devices.

Orbi 860 Series vs Orbi 850 Series

The Orbi 860 3-pack (RBK863S) is a high-performance whole-home WiFi mesh system. As with the Orbi 850 Series 3-Pack RBK853, it has a unique tri-band architecture and our patented dedicated backhaul that ensures maximum speeds for all devices no matter where they are in the home. With unique WiFi optimization and a new, improved antenna array, the Orbi 860 system provides more range and speed, up to 20% more, compared to the Orbi 850 Series. The RBK863S can reach 6Gbps WiFi 6 speeds for up to 100 connected devices and coverage up to 8,000 Sq ft. which is 500 more than the 850 Series.

Additionally, the Orbi 860 Series supports some of the fastest home broadband speeds available today. A built-in 10 Gig Ethernet port means you can connect to the latest cable or fiber internet services, up to 10 Gbps, future-proofing your network for years to come. The Orbi 850 Series provides a 2.5 Gbps port that supports 1 and 2.5 Gb only.

"S" is for Security

For added peace of mind, the Orbi 860 Series includes a year of NETGEAR Armor to protect the connected home from online threats. Unlike traditional endpoint antivirus products, NETGEAR’s Armor is built into the router as a comprehensive security solution to monitor activity going to and from the Internet, protecting computers, security cameras, baby monitors and other IoT devices, flagging external threats while eliminating the need for multiple security subscriptions or software.


Orbi RBK853 vs RBK863S

A Powerful 10 Gig Router

Not available on the 850 Series, we’re offering a 860 Series standalone router (RBR860S). It’s ideal for those in smaller home who want the performance of Orbi and the option to expand to mesh as needs changes. It too comes with a year of Armor.

All in all, the 860 series captures all the goodness of the 850 and updates it to meet the changing needs of the most discerning smart homeowners of today and tomorrow. Learn more about Orbi mesh systems.