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Switched in Thinking

Episode 8 – "How AV Brings Digital Experiences to Life Part 1"

Featuring: Laurent Masia and John Henkel

Welcome to the first of a two-part topic that explores the power behind AV technology and how it is bringing digital experiences to life in a way that’s impacting the way we live and the way we work.

We take a look behind the curtain at the tech that brings theatres, lobbies, music venues, malls and much more to life. Switches, AV over IP and Audio over IP are integral parts of the digital experience and in this podcast, we explore the tech that makes everything look and sound better.

In Episode 8 of the Switched On Thinking Podcast and part 1 of this topic, host Neil C Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Laurent Masia, Director of Product Management and John Henkel, Pro AV Product Marketing Manager

Oct 8, 2020


  • The problems AV is solving and how it’s being simplified
  • The problems AV is solving and how it’s being simplified
  • Overcoming legacy issues and how the Pro AV M4250 is a game changer
  • Pro AV M4250

    Digital experiences and interfaces need the right technology in order to work, so in this episode, we touch on NETGEAR’s AV line of Switches, the M4250 series.

    On the podcast, Laurent explains the impact that these will have on the industry as they have been developed and engineered for the growing audio and video over IP market, “You have millions, virtually millions of AV customers In the world, so we actually had to do something. And I'm glad I can tell you that we engineered a new solution that will facilitate the transition for AV over IP. So this is a new platform, really convenient for AV installations ... But more than that, the software inside is not anymore an obscure bunch of settings, we have come with a totally new AV interface that speaks the AV language so that the AV installer doesn't need to go to school again.” Simplicity and ease-of-use is a key part of the Pro AV M4250 and you can learn much more on the podcast.

    The American Dream

    A brand new, state-of-the-art mall in New Jersey called The American Dream is taking advantage of today’s great AV technology with the help of NETGEAR’s Switches as John explains how it all comes together on the show. “It’s a big entertainment complex with retail … and we work with a ton of different vendors, and all these different encoders and decoders all need to run through a Switch.” He goes on to explain that, “There’s 200 digital signage kiosks throughout this mall … and they all have to get a signal and that’s going to come from a NETGEAR switch, so it’s been a fantastic experience for us. It’s a massive installation … and a great use case for this technology.”

    The American Dream isn’t the only complex where NETGEAR have assisted in bringing digital experiences to life though and as you’ll hear on the podcast, there’s so much more to learn but you’ll need to listen to the show to discover more.

    In Part 2, Neil, Laurent and John touch on the support and service side of AV over IP and Audio over IP and how real world problems and issues are being solved.

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