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Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

NETGEAR products have been tested and meet applicable limits for Radio Frequency (RF) exposure.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) refers to the rate at which the body absorbs RF energy. SAR limits are 1.6 Watts per kilogram (over a volume containing a mass of 1 gram of tissue) in countries that follow the United States FCC limit and 2.0 W/kg (averaged over 10 grams of tissue) in countries that follow the Council of the European Union limit. During testing, radios are set to their highest transmission levels and placed in positions that simulate use near the body, with 10mm separation.

To reduce exposure to RF energy, keep the product at least 10mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels. 

  • Description       2.4GHz        5Ghz        Measurement Gap: cm        Limit W/kg               FCC ID 
    WNA1100          1.4               na                 0.5                                 1.6                PY309300113
    WN111              1.38             na                 0.5                                 1.6                PY308100079