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WiFi, unbound

Whether you're settling in at an unforgettable resort destination, hitting the road with your family, or simply taking a quick trip for business - you deserve secure, flawless, portable WiFi that makes it easier to accomplish it all.

Fast mobile WiFi for your home or business

Nighthawk 5G Mobile Routers are powerful enough to be a primary or backup internet connection for your home or business. Free yourself from the constraints of slow or spotty internet. Nighthawk Mobile Routers use 5G to deliver powerful internet and reliable WiFi connectivity for your home.

Compare our best Nighthawk Mobile 5G Routers


5G Band: Sub-6

Max 5G Speeds: 4Gbps

WiFi Speed: WiFi 6E 3.6Gbps

Wired Port: 2.5Gbps (Ethernet), 5Gbps (USB)

International Roaming: 125+ countries


5G Band: Sub-6

Max 5G Speeds: 2.5Gbps

WiFi Speed: WiFi 6E 3.6Gbps

Wired Port: 1Gbps (Ethernet), 5Gbps (USB)

International Roaming: 125+ countries

Take your own portable WiFi anywhere

With Nighthawk 5G Mobile Routers, your WiFi goes anywhere you do: on trains, to airports, or to work. Get more speed and connectivity than a mobile phone hotspot and stop draining your battery.

Unlocked, portable WiFi hotspots for ultimate flexibility

Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro support international roaming in up to 125 countries. Use the carrier of your choice, or switch carriers in seconds by changing SIM cards.

Freedom to go anywhere.
WiFi to accomplish anything.

With Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots, you can avoid risky public WiFi when working with critical business data or personal financial transactions. Have the convenience and confidence of high-performance, secure WiFi in your pocket, wherever you go.

Wherever the job takes you,
bring WiFi that can keep up

When you work on the go, you need fast, reliable WiFi that goes with you. With Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots, you can enjoy high performance WiFi anywhere, on you own secure, private network.

Ultra-fast and reliable wired connections

When you need incredible speed and reliability, Nighthawk delivers. Blaze through your most important tasks with wired speeds up to 5Gbps over USB-C and up to 2.5Gbps over Ethernet.

All-day battery power

Nighthawk Mobile Routers offer a powerful battery with up to 13 hours of battery life, so you can rely on them for even the most challenging days, without worry.

From the leader in WiFi for over 25 years

As the most trusted name in WiFi, NETGEAR has been raising the standard for performance, reliability, and security since the beginning through our unending pursuit of WiFi perfection.


Opting for a dedicated WiFi hotspot over phone tethering offers substantial benefits for users in need of stable and fast internet connectivity. Dedicated hotspots generally outperform phone tethering in speed, coverage, and the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously. They also provide enhanced security features to protect your personal data, an aspect where phone tethering may be lacking. While using a smartphone as a hotspot is convenient for occasional use, a dedicated hotspot device is a superior option for those requiring reliable, secure, and high-performance WiFi access on the go.

A: Dedicated mobile WiFi hotspots work by connecting to a mobile network and then broadcasting a WiFi signal that your other devices can connect to, just like a home wireless router, but portable. They require a SIM card and a data plan from a mobile operator to access the mobile network. Once activated and set up, these devices can provide internet access to laptops, tablets, and other WiFi-enabled devices, offering a secure and reliable connection. This makes them ideal for use while traveling, in areas without reliable internet access, or as a backup internet source.

A mobile WiFi hotspot is a portable device, providing internet access on the go. The 5G WiFi router connects to a mobile internet service provider and broadcasts a signal which allows people near the device to connect their wireless enabled devices to the internet. It enables internet access anywhere, anytime. Additionally the powerful portable router has an Ethernet port enabling connections for local wired devices. NETGEAR offers a range of top quality mobile WiFi solutions, including mobile hotspots, such as the Nighthawk M6 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router which provides maximum flexibility and top level performance.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspots are ideal if you travel for work or pleasure and need reliable, secure internet connection for multiple devices. NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile routers deliver superfast wireless speeds on par with home WiFi systems making them ideal for heavy usage such as streaming UHD video or uploading files on the go. Using a mobile phone can be good enough for light tasks but will be a drain on the battery and data plan. When you need secure, high-performance WiFi, Nighthawk delivers vastly superior results.

The use of portable WiFi hotspots on airplanes is subject to the same restrictions as mobile phone connections during flights. To comply with in-flight regulations, it is necessary to set all phones and devices to "Airplane Mode." This action disables the emission of WiFi signals to prevent interference with the aircraft's navigation and communication systems. Many airlines offer onboard WiFi services, allowing you to connect to the internet while adhering to safety guidelines.