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Unlimited device and location management. Take Insight Pro for a test drive.

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Worry Free Network Management

NETGEAR Insight management helps you and your business save time, gain peace of mind and visibility. Shorten device setup and configuration time with Insight’s capability to easily discover and setup NETGEAR Insight Managed devices. Gain peace of mind with real-time WiFi activity status, downtime notifications and firmware upgrades. All Insight managed networks and devices are available on one single pane of glass on both the web cloud portal and mobile app to increase visibility.

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Insight Core Functions

  • Unified remote management for all NETGEAR Insight managed devices
  • Remotely manage small business networks across multiple locations from a single pane-of-glass
  • Ongoing visibility control with alerts and built-in help and support
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Organize wired and wireless networks

Organize wired and wireless networks to create a clear and concise topology or network map that enables IT and network administrators to gain visibility into the elements and logic, as well as the status of the networks they manage. Insight 6.0 Topology provides:

  • Holistic view for users to quickly drill down to areas that need further troubleshooting or configuration modification
  • Shorten your debugging experience with the clean collapsible/expandable topology graphs
  • Location network, device level and client level views to get comprehensive hierarchical visibility of each network on a single screen
  • Topology view in predefined layouts such as Tree, Abstract, and SSID View
  • Hover over each node (ISP, Router, Switch, Access Point, Client) for a summary of the device status, firmware version and update availability, number of clients and more



Insight has deep wireless management features to provide IT managers and MSPs even more tools to deploy small and large WiFi networks.

  • Support for 802.11 k/v/r standards
  • Load balancing for wireless: set limitations on APs based on client signal strength threshold and/or # of client devices
  • SSID-level Client Isolation: ensure network isolation from one wireless network to another
  • Client Roaming History: look through client roaming history to adjust APs and improve signal
  • Dynamic VLAN: users can join the same SSID, but be on a different VLAN, ensuring network isolation allows assignment of
  • Organization-wide SSID: easily create and extend company-wide SSID features to speed up set up and deployment of SSIDs across multi-location businesses

1-Year Insight Subscription Included

NETGEAR includes free one-year Insight Cloud-based management with many different business network devices. Every NETGEAR Insight Managed switch and Insight wireless access point owner that registers one of these models on or after April 27, experiences Insight Remote Cloud management solution for their device for free for one year.

This offer starts on April 27, 2020 and will apply to devices added to a new or existing Insight account on or after that date. See the full list of devices included in the offer here
Has your 1-Year Insight included subscription ended? Find out next steps here.

If you are the proud owner of one of these devices, you’re in the right place. Let’s get you started with Insight.

Guidelines for Getting Started

New to Insight

  • Create your Insight account by clicking on the buttons below with your choice of Insight Premium or Insight Pro (NOTE: Insight Premium is sold in select countries, see the list of countries where Insight Premium is sold is here)
  • Select your plan type

    Insight Pro – Learn More

    Insight Premium (where Insight Premium is sold) - Learn More

  • Include & start managing
Insight Pro Insight Premium

Existing Insight Users

Insight only supports one plan type within one account; this means all devices within one Insight account can have only one Insight plan type, e.g. all on Insight Pro or all on Insight Premium

You already have an Insight Account and need to add a new Insight device

  • Log into your Insight account
  • Add your new hardware device with 1-year Insight included
  • Continue managing

You want to purchase more Insight subscriptions or your trial has ended

  • Log into your Insight account
  • Select a subscription to add to your account
  • Continue managing

Insight Subscription Options

Please note, NETGEAR Insight Basic is end-of-life and all NETGEAR Insight Basic users with valid subscriptions will be upgraded automatically to NETGEAR Insight Premium for the remainder of their subscription term. All NETGEAR Insight Basic free users will automatically be upgraded to NETGEAR Insight Premium for 30 days along with Content Filtering for 30 days to enable them to trial the new service.

All users who download the NETGEAR Insight mobile app and use NETGEAR Insight Basic, will also automatically be subscribed to NETGEAR Insight Premium for 30 days with Content Filtering included for 30 days to enable them to trial these services.

For a limited time only, all existing NETGEAR Insight Basic users can use the promo code Prem35%off for a special offer to upgrade to NETGEAR Insight Premium after their subscription or 30-day trial ends.

Insight Premium (where Insight Premium is sold)£ 8.95 per device/per year
  • Unlimited NETGEAR device registration
  • Multi-site & multi-device management
  • Management of portfolio of switches, access points, storage devices and router
  • Mobile app access and management
  • Desktop Cloud Portal and mobile app access
  • Insight Premium Advantages
  • Unified wired/wireless management features include:

    Setup configurations of your access points and switches and deploy across the devices all in a go

    Local and remote monitoring and management of Insight Managed devices

    Unrivaled user experience, remote access and multi-device configuration

    No additional cloud controller, appliance, or PC/server is necessary, no strings attached!

    Fast Roaming and Facebook WiFi

  • NETGEAR Insight is available from any device – desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The app or cloud portal also enables instant in-app registration of all your NETGEAR Business devices for:

    Multi-Location Management

    Single Pane-of-Glass Visibility & Control

    Remote Access from Anywhere

    Out-of-Box Integration

    Easy-access Help and NETGEAR Support, knowledge base, videos, community

    Scalable to Grow as You Grow

  • Advanced Premium features include:

    Instant Captive Portal for WiFi guest access analytics and features

    Fast Roaming and Facebook WiFi

    PoE Scheduler

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NOTE: Clicking “Login and Subscribe” will lead you to the Insight portal page where you can either log in with your Insight account or create a new account. You will then be redirected to the purchase page of the package you selected.

Insight Pro£ 24.99 per device/per year
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Ability to assign user roles and rights
  • Rapid Remote Deployment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Management of portfolio of switches, access points, storage devices and router
  • One-touch NETGEAR Support
  • Lower TCO and Scalability
  • Insight Pro Advantages
  • End-to-end Delivery of Services

    Insight Pro includes registration, setup/configs, remote monitoring, firmware management, support escalation

  • Segregated Multi-tenancy

    Supports multiple customer organizations in one Insight Pro account, even when organizations have numerous network locations

    Multi-tenancy for customer data privacy and partitioning

  • Multiple user roles and rights assignment

    Divide workload across multiple customer network management

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NOTE: Clicking “Login and Subscribe” will lead you to the Insight portal page where you can either log in with your Insight account or create a new account. You will then be redirected to the purchase page of the package you selected.

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Hardware Models that Include 1-Year Insight Subscription

1-Year of Insight, Premium, Pro, are included with the below hardware devices automatically when registered:
Wireless Access Points and Routers
  • BR200
  • WAC505
  • WAC540
  • WAC564
  • WAC510
  • SRC60
  • SRK60
  • SRR60
  • SXK30
  • SXK80
  • WAX610
  • WAX610Y
  • WAX620
  • WAX630
  • WBC502
  • WBC502B2
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  • GC108P
  • GC108PP
  • GC110
  • GC110P
  • GC510P
  • GC510PP
  • GC728X
  • GC728XP
  • GC752X
  • GC752XP
  • GS716TP
  • GS716TPP
  • GS728TP
  • GS728TPP
  • GS752TP
  • GS752TPP
  • MS510TXM
  • MS510TXUP
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