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Remotely onboard and configure NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots with ongoing remote access, monitoring and management via NETGEAR Insight Pro.

NETGEAR today announced the availability of its award-winning remote cloud management solution, NETGEAR Insight Pro, on the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 4G LTE Mobile Router (MR1100) and Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router (MR5200) ultra-fast LTE mobile hotspots (MHS).

Management of mobile routers with NETGEAR Insight Pro ensures Internet access from anywhere with easy business connectivity, simple device onboarding, central monitoring and management from anywhere. With cloud management, the Nighthawk M1 and M5 mobile routers are ideal for organizations that need to provide their remote staff with WAN-edge Internet connectivity. Perfect for the expanding work-from-home and remote workforce scenarios – including first responders and field sales teams – the Nighthawk M1 and M5 routers operate from anywhere with instant connectivity for any device without relying on additional infrastructure or technical support. For remote work sites, mobile businesses and on-the-go work forces, NETGEAR Insight enables IT managers and managed service providers (MSP) to include LAN management for offices and branch sites to grant WiFi access to visitors or temporary staff onsite.

As always-on internet access is a requirement to be productive for organizations with off-site team members, NETGEAR Insight Pro empowers IT managers to centrally manage MHS device deployment to their team – from Zero-Touch-Provisioning and policy-based configurations to ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting and firmware management.
NETGEAR Insight Pro on Nighthawk mobile routers support simple device onboarding, centralized device configuration and profile management for bulk onboarding and unified device profile set up. With many devices out on the field per organization, NETGEAR Insight makes it easy to locate and get status updates on the deployed devices and provides reports on device usage, cellular strength, bandwidth and even a list of connected client devices.

“Today’s workforce is mobile with the need to access reliable internet in order to perform everyday tasks without being bogged down by shared bandwidth constraints at home or the security concerns associated with public WiFi. Mobile routers serve as the perfect solution to provide dedicated Internet connectivity to mobile and remote employees, but lacks the visibility and control needed by organizations,” said Shaheen Kazi, director of SMB product line management for NETGEAR Insight. “Now with NETGEAR Insight Pro support on Nighthawk M1 and M5 routers, employers’ IT teams are able to manage remote workforce connections. Insight Pro provides extensive features to deliver reliable deployment, monitoring and management to ensure always-on access no matter the location.”

All the powerful management features on Nighthawk M1 and M5 routers come cloud-ready out-of-the-box to be managed by Insight. Getting started is a breeze without the need for any setup.


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