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orbi app Orbi App

Mobile App

Easily set up, control, and monitor your home network

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orbi app setup and management

Easy setup and management

The Orbi app makes it easy to install your Orbi and get it up and running in minutes. Easily manage your home network even when you are not at home. Orbi is compatible with any internet service provider.

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orbi app orbi app

Network Management, just a tap away

One simple management dashboard

View the status of your network, notifications, and all the features your router offers

Pause WiFi for your connected devices

View a list of your connected devices with the ability to pause and resume Internet access

Internet Speed Test

Check the broadband speeds from your service provider


Monitor and protect your devices from the app

And more...

Monitor your internet traffic, update firmware, share WiFi with guests and much more

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A superior class of WiFi

When it comes to elite WiFi performance across your home, Orbi is in a class of its own. Unlock uncompromising speed, coverage, and reliability from the front door to the back yard

orbi app

Our support and community always has your back

Check out our community pages for any questions you may have. Help is always just a click away


The Orbi app lets you easily monitor and control your NETGEAR Orbi mesh WiFi system. After a quick setup of your Orbi WiFi, you can access all your router features and control your network from anywhere.

The NETGEAR Orbi app gives you convenient access to your router’s features which allows you to monitor and control your home WiFi from anywhere. NETGEAR Orbi WiFi systems, such as the RBKE963 Orbi 960 Series Quad-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System,include many advanced features and services which can all be accessed through the app. The smart parental controls enable filtering of content and limiting the time online automatically. NETGEAR Armor security provides advanced cybersecurity for your network to keep all of your devices safe from online threats. The speed test feature lets you see your internet broadband speed, while the traffic meter feature will allow you to monitor internet usage over time. The included guest WiFi option allows you to set up a secure and separate WiFi network for your guests. Furthermore, using your Orbi app, you can update firmware and easily pause WiFi anytime, from wherever you are.

You need the Orbi app in order to enjoy its many convenient benefits of monitoring your Orbi Whole Home WiFi, all from the palm of your hand. Alternatively, you can install and manage your Orbi WiFi System without the app. You will need to launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your Orbi network and visit the Orbi Login page. However, it is highly recommended to use the Orbi app as it is the most simple and convenient way to manage your router’s features.