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Switched in Thinking

Episode 3 – "The Versatility of PoE"

Featuring: Bradley Verona and Derek Falberg

In Episode 3 of Switched On Thinking, our host Neil C Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Director of SMB Product Line Management, Bradley Verona and Senior Sales Engineer Derek Falberg, as they explore how PoE (Power over Ethernet) is playing a huge role both in the work place and at home.

Jul 16, 2020

By listening to the show you’ll discover:

  • PoE’s ability to turn challenges into opportunities
  • How PoE is powering not just phones and cameras but also digital signage and lighting
  • The role PoE can play in achieving a cost-effective home office
  • Intuitive Advanced PoE controls that provide full and complete management over your devices
  • The road ahead for PoE where it will power devices like computers and laptops
  • From the Home Office to lighting up Times Square

    “NETGEAR is focused on making sure that we provide the necessary tools, hardware, software etc. to allow both workers and consumers to be able to stay connected.”

    Episode three looks at how Power over Ethernet is changing the environments where we live and work. It is playing a huge role in powering pop-up shops, temporary spaces, malls and even helping to turn home spaces (like the garden shed) into work from home offices in a manner that’s both efficient and productive. As explained on the podcast, even Times Square is powered in-part by NETGEAR PoE devices.

    Neil, Bradley and Derek go into great detail, exploring what PoE is doing now and the impact it will have going forward as its capabilities expand. “Now with PoE hitting 60 and 90 watts, you can now power a screen, of a fairly large size, just from a PoE cable and they were using that to stream the advertising to the device, so it really helps expand that capability to businesses and advertising and retailers.” Bradley and Derek go into much more depth during the discussion on the show and share the key benefits PoE can provide for businesses and consumers.

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