Clash of the business-focused access points: putting WAX625 to the test

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Doug Cheung

When it comes to business networking solutions, there are many options on the market. However, not all solutions are created equal. We recently commissioned Tolly, a leading global provider of third-party validation services for the IT industry, to conduct a performance comparison test that shows how NETGEAR’s AX5400 Dual-band Multi-Gig PoE Wi-Fi 6 WAX625 Access Point (AP) compared to other APs available for purchase from Aruba (HPE), Meraki (Cisco) and Ubiquiti. The Tolly report found that NETGEAR’s AX5400 Dual-band Multi-Gig PoE Wi-Fi 6 WAX625 AP outperformed the others in several keyareas

The performance comparison encompassed four tests, including low-client density, maximum throughput, and high-client density scenarios, supporting both latency-sensitive VoIP traffic and video streaming. The NETGEAR WAX625 Access Point delivered the highest throughput for a majority of the scenarios, only tying in the fourth scenario with the Aruba AP-555 which costs nearly 7 times more than NETGEAR’s solution

Today’s economic climate dictates that companies seek the most effective and economic solutions to support their employees, customers and services. NETGEAR access points, especially the WAX625, are uniquely positioned to fit the bill. Request a copy of the full report here and see why NETGEAR is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations who are looking for enterprise-class performance at an SMB price point