NETGEAR Insight Business VPN Expands to More Models and NETGEAR Insight Premium 5-Year Subscription Included with NETGEAR Insight 6.5

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In the big shift to work-from-home, we've seen many challenges for the remote workforce, including security concerns and declining employee productivity levels due to unreliable access to company applications, networked systems and storage. Small businesses have more than one location and the physical network borders, often referred to as the network perimeter, of many small businesses have dissolved. Now that employees are working remotely or in different locations and the company network is distributed, it is harder to control and protect.

This is why small-medium businesses (SMBs) seek more efficient ways to connect everyone and everything. In turn, this has led to a growing interest in virtual private networks (VPN), which traditionally have been difficult to set up and inefficient for IT Managers, VARs and MSPs to manage and support when off-site issues arise.

NETGEAR Insight Business VPN tackles these concerns with a secured and persistent connection, running on Orbi Pro, a high-performance business WiFi mesh system, all the while providing a seamless experience equivalent to that of working at headquarters.

NETGEAR Insight Business VPN connects the branch offices and work-from-home (WFH) employees to the corporate WiFi network (SSID) through an encrypted, trusted and persistent VPN connection. The WiFi work network in the home, preconfigured as a separate VLAN for the corporate VPN, runs separately from the home network which is on another isolated VLAN. Using the same SSID at the headquarters and at remote sites makes for an easy-to-use and secure end-user environment, while eliminating administrative complexity for the IT manager.

NETGEAR Insight Business VPN on More Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Models

Starting today with the release of NETGEAR Insight 6.5, the 2022 CES Innovation Award honoree, NETGEAR Insight Business VPN, is available on the entire line up of Orbi Pro WiFi 6 mesh systems and routers (SXR30, SXR50, and SXR80 routers; SXK30, SXK50, and SXK80 mesh systems). This expansion enables SMBs to have NETGEAR Insight Business VPN configured on a high-speed tri-band Orbi Pro WiFi 6 (SXK80) in the office and a cost-efficient dual-band Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini (SXK30) in employees’ homes.


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NETGEAR Insight Advantages

Cloud based remote network management with NETGEAR Insight empowers small and medium businesses to setup, configure, monitor and manage select NETGEAR devices from one central location to reduce costs and time.


IT Managers and MSPs can support hundreds, even thousands of remote workforce networks and small business customers, even those with multiple locations with single pane-of-glass visibility and monitoring.


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5-Year NETGEAR Insight Premium Subscription Included

Another exciting update with the release of NETGEAR Insight 6.5 is a 5-year NETGEAR Insight Premium subscription included with any new purchase of an Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mesh System (SXK80, SXK50, SXK30).


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