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NETGEAR Smart Managed Pro

Associez performances et valeur ajoutée avec les Smart Switches

Ces switches sont optimisés pour les performances réseau, la réduction des coûts d'exploitation et une administration simplifiée.

NETGEAR Smart Portfolio

The Smart Switch category was created by NETGEAR and has become the largest and fastest-growing segment for the SMB switch market.

Smart Managed Pro Diagram

Find Your Perfect Match

The product names may look confusing, but are actually quite simple! Here is how to find your perfect match:

FS Family

FS 7 28 T P LP

Fast Ethernet
7 Series RackMountable
Number of Ports
Smart Switches
Low Power PoE

FS Family

GS 7 52 T PP S

GS Gigabit Ethernet
7 Series RackMountable
Number of Ports
Smart Switches
High Power PoE or PoE+
Stackable7 Series RackMountable


NETGEAR 10-Gigabit Web Managed Switches features

Advanced management for enhanced services (essential QoS, L3 routing).

The ProSAFE 10G Web Managed (Plus) Switches provide plug-and-play connectivity, in addition to configurable L2 network features in order to meet current and future needs on virtualization, converged networking and mobility. Some of the main features include:

  • VLAN support for traffic segmentation including portbased and 802.1Qbased
  • QoS (Quality of Service) for traffic prioritization including portbased and 802.1p/DSCPbased
  • Auto “denialofservice” (DoS) prevention • IGMP snooping support for multicast optimization
  • Loop detection and broadcast storm controls • Rate limiting and priority queuing for better bandwidth allocation
  • Port mirroring for network monitoring
  • Port trunking/link aggregation (LAG) allows for increased throughput beyond 10G or to provide redundancy across the link(s)
  • Jumbo frame support

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Smart Managed Pro Companions

The best companions to your Smart Switch!

Smart Switches are a key component of your business, being the backbone that keeps your network devices running smoothly. With easy setup and configuration, these Switches connect your NETGEAR devices and allow you to rest at ease as you’ll know you’re safe. Your customers and yourself expect the best, so, why look anywhere else when NETGEAR Smart Switches are the top of the market?

From Core to Edge to Unique Form Factor

Regardless of your need, NETGEAR is committed to helping you seamlessly connect end-users to converged services, servers, and storage using highly flexible core, distribution, and access layer switching solutions.

Check out our whole portfolio of switches to combine with your Full 10-Gigabit switches, from 10-Gigabit uplinks for edge deployment to “Virtually Anywhere” deployment options with our Click and Easy-Mount switches to multiGig M4200 for 11AC WiFi deployment at its full potential. Whatever your networking need, NETGEAR has you covered with solutions more affordable than ever before!

Smart Managed Pro Unique Factor

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