With WiFi this advanced, you're going to want it everywhere.

The best WiFi. Everywhere.

The Orbi WiFi 6 Whole Home Mesh System gives your devices the capacity to stream, surf, and do more than ever before, all at once. And Orbi ensures that the devices throughout your home all have the same great WiFi no matter where they are.

Capacity. Speed. Efficiency.


Upgrade your WiFi, and take it even farther.

Orbi WiFi 6 allows more devices to connect and stream simultaneously, without impacting speed or reliability by efficiently packing and scheduling data. The result? Deliver the fastest WiFi to all your connected devices of today and tomorrow, anywhere in the home.


The fastest WiFi ever.

With WiFi 6, you get more streams to handle more traffic so that bandwidth-demanding activities, like 4K streaming, aren’t slowed down by less demanding ones, like smart lightbulbs. It’s like going from a congested four-lane highway to driving on a sixteen-lane superhighway.


Give those batteries a breather.

Nobody likes charging their batteries any more than they need to. WiFi 6 improves your networks efficiency by up to 40 percent, allowing you to help save your batteries across all your WiFi 6 devices.

Never Worry About WiFi Again.

More speed. More coverage. Orb WiFi 6 uses NETGEAR’s patented tri-band mesh technology with a patented dedicated backhaul to provide the ultimate smart home experience with seamless roaming.


Better on mobile.

The NETGEAR Orbi app makes it easy to set up and personalize your Orbi WiFi System. With the app, you can install your mesh system in few steps - just connect your mobile device to the router network and the app will walk you through the rest. Once set up, you can use the intuitive dashboard to pause Internet on your connected devices, run a quick Internet speed test, setup Smart Parental Controls and much more.

wifi6is a big deal.

  • 6 is up to 12 streams… at once.
  • 6 is 4X more capacity.
  • 6 is a 40% increase in data throughput.
  • 6 is a longer battery life for your devices.
  • 6 is a proper home for all smart devices.
  • 6 is a welcome mat to 8k streaming.
  • 6 is 100% backwards compatible.
  • 6 is the biggest revolution in WiFi, ever.

A world leader in WiFi.

When it comes to WiFi, NETGEAR has led the industry for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, reliability, and cutting-edge performance networking solutions available. So you can rest assured knowing that with NETGEAR’s suite of WiFi 6 solutions, you get the most innovative and advanced WiFi on the planet.


Orbi WiFi 6 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

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  • Whole home mesh WiFi System covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Powerful WiFi 6 (11 AX) Mesh Technology
  • 4X increased capacity compared to WiFi 5 (11 AC)
  • More bandwidth for more connections
  • Multi-Gig internet speeds (2.5G Ethernet port or link aggregation)
  • Easy to set up and use with the Orbi app