Gearing up for IBC? Here's Why NETGEAR Should Be On Your Radar!


Richard Jonker, VP Commercial
Business Development

Hello, Broadcast aficionados,
As we set our sights on IBC in Amsterdam this week, let me introduce a key player that will be redefining the broadcast industry's landscape: NETGEAR.

A Glimpse Into NETGEAR’s Legacy:

Hailing from Booth 11.B16, NETGEAR has been sculpting the networking world for both homes and businesses for over two and a half decades. However, you might be wondering, “What’s their link to broadcasting?”
With the surge in Audio/Video over IP networks, NETGEAR’s AV division is making tidal impacts in both Commercial and Residential AV markets. Their lineup of managed switches, crafted specifically for AV over IP, combined with the NETGEAR AV OS™, ensures seamless network configuration for AV technicians.

Booth Information:

Hall 11, Booth B-16
Amsterdam, NL
September 15 – 18, 2023

Product Showcase:

The latest to join the portfolio are the M4350 series switches. These versatile switches, ranging from 1G to 100G, are built to serve various network tiers, including edge, server room, and core.
Powered by that same NETGEAR AV OS™, configuring these switches is made uncomplicated, backed by certified profiles from over 200 AV equipment manufacturers. There is even an impressive free controller, called Engage, which is a simple Mac or Windows application, that can manage and monitor your entire network. There is an API that you can use with your own control systems. All free!

And now there is the announcement that NETGEAR is entering the SMPTE 2110 space.

Key differentiators

  • Integration in Broadcast Workflows:
    NETGEAR’s strategic positioning has placed them in the epicenter of the shift from traditional broadcasting to networked broadcast production. From NDI to Dante to ST2110, NETGEAR’s robust support for a spectrum of protocols makes them the top choice.
  • NETGEAR’s Uniqueness:
    What truly differentiates them? It’s the blend of revolutionary configuration through NETGEAR AV OS™ and their unparalleled free included Pro AV Design team support.
  • Challenges Tackled:
    NETGEAR addresses the need for effortless configuration and premium support. Their active engagement with ST2110 contributors ensures a cohesive ecosystem for broadcasters.
  • IBC Showstopper:
    At IBC, be sure to catch the unveiling of the M4350 series network switches and the PR460X Professional Router with multi-gig capabilities. You’ll also get a hands-on experience with their entire M4250 and M4300 range. And don’t miss their live presentations on AV over IP Network design using NETGEAR Engage™.

Want to dive deeper into NETGEAR’s AV over IP narrative? Simply visit

Looking forward to networking with many of you at IBC. Let’s embrace the future of broadcasting together!