Optimizing Dante and Audio-over-IP Installations

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Richard Jonker, VP Commercial
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Audinate, the makers of Dante, and NETGEAR have joined forces to develop a unique profile for NETGEAR’s M4250 Series Switches.

Optimizing Dante and Audio-over-IP Installations with NETGEAR M4250 AV Line Ethernet Switches

NETGEAR AV SwitchesIn the world of professional AV installations, a smooth, efficient, and reliable operation is key to delivering superior performance. As such, the transition towards Audio-over-IP (AoIP) and the widespread adoption of Audinate’s Dante protocol represents a significant step forward, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of modern AV networks.

While Dante and other AoIP technologies promise significant advantages, the full potential of these systems can only be realized with the right networking hardware. Enter the NETGEAR M4250 AV Line Ethernet Switches – the perfect match for your Dante and AoIP installations, and here’s why.

Specially Designed for AV Installations

Unlike conventional network switches, NETGEAR M4250 AV Line Ethernet switches are purpose-built for AV over IP. They are preconfigured for easy, out-of-the-box deployment in professional AV environments, simplifying installation and reducing setup time.

Optimized for Dante and Other AoIP Systems

M4250 switches come with customized settings for Dante and other AoIP protocols, ensuring immediate compatibility and seamless integration. This enables the handling of high-bandwidth audio streams efficiently, without compromising on audio quality.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Featuring IGMP Plus for effortless multicasting, PoE+ power availability, and advanced Layer 2/3 functionality, M4250 switches ensure exceptional performance. These switches also incorporate redundant power options and fanless designs in most models, ensuring reliable, noise-free operation – a crucial attribute for any AV deployment.

Flexible Installation and Management

M4250 switches are rack-mountable, with a versatile design that allows for easy installation in various configurations. The intuitive web-based GUI and NETGEAR’s AV-focused user interface and free Engage software controller make the switches easy to manage, even for non-technical AV professionals.

Video: Dante Switch Configuration Guide for M4250 Switches