Using 4G LTE Fixed Wireless For Your Home

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Fixed Wireless For Your Home

Since making its way onto the scene, the Nighthawk M1 4G LTE Mobile RouterNETGEAR Nighthawk has kept many people connected wherever they need WiFi the most – the local cafe, school campuses, business trips, RV road trips, family campgrounds, vacation homes and more! In fact, the Nighthawk M1 is powerful enough that many actually rely on the 4G LTE Mobile Router as their primary source of internet at home. With its ease of use, ability to bring fast 4G LTE speeds into the home, and minimal set up, it’s no wonder many have used this option for their home WiFi. But depending on your networking needs, you may need an option that provides even more.

Is there a better 4G LTE solution for home internet?

The Nighthawk M1’s portability certainly makes it a great option for both WiFi on-the-go and at home. But if you’re looking for a 4G LTE solution strictly for home use because your existing internet is unreliable or you live in an area where cable or DSL is unavailable, you are in luck!


Certified with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile*, the Orbi 4G LTE WiFi Router is designed not only to bring 4G LTE internet into your home, but it lets you extend coverage to every corner thanks to Orbi’s award-winning mesh technology. With the 4G LTE mobile network, you’re able to get super-fast speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps and WiFi coverage of up to 2,000 sq. ft., making it a great choice for your primary internet, especially in rural areas or places that experience frequent outages.

What if I need more WiFi coverage?

As part of the Orbi family, the Orbi 4G LTE allows you to create a mesh WiFi system to easily expand your coverage. By adding select Orbi satellites, you’ll be able to create a mesh system that best compliments your home’s needs to ensure complete coverage in the areas of your home where you need WiFi most. Additionally, with Orbi’s patented Tri-band technology, not only will you be able to expand your coverage, you will also be able to take your WiFi speeds ever farther throughout your home.

Can I use Orbi 4G LTE with my wired internet?

NETGEAR Orbi back portsMany of us have experienced the frustration of working from home, streaming a movie, or playing video games only to suffer from an unexpected internet outage. In situations like this, Orbi 4G LTE can play a pivotal role in ensuring you always stay connected. If your primary internet source from your ISP fails, you can seamlessly switch over from your wired internet to 4G LTE as a backup or failover option.

Which is the better 4G LTE option – Nighthawk M1 or Orbi 4G LTE?

Each of our internet needs will vary based on the situation. If you currently use the Nighthawk M1, you have a great option for portable and secure, on-the-go WiFi. Additionally, it can ultimately be used as a back or failover option whenever your network is down or your power goes out. The Orbi 4G LTE is more powerful because it’s designed for home use as a primary internet option, or to serve as a backup during unexpected service outages. Either way, the M1 and Orbi 4G LTE can make a great pair for optimizing your connectivity, letting you harness the full power of mobile internet for powerful, fast connections wherever you are, both in and outside of your home.

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Are you currently using the Nighthawk M1 or Orbi 4G LTE as your choice for internet at home or on-the-go? Let us know how you’re using it in the comments below!

*Also works with other major 4G LTE Service Providers, excluding Verizon and Sprint legacy network. Network must support subset of the 4G LTE bands listed under the Technical Specifications.