Leaning in to Bleisure – The Art of Blending Business and Leisure Travel

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What is Bleisure Travel?

The Wall Street Journal reported recently about the number of Meta executives who are working remotely for extended periods. Like so many others, the parent company of Facebook is embracing bleisure, the practice of blending work and business travel that’s one of the many future-of-work trends that has been boosted by the pandemic. As BBC noted, “technology has blurred the boundaries between work and play, professional and personal, career and down time.” AirBnB’s Chris LeHane told Bloomberg that thanks to bleisure, “now you can organize your work life with your family at the center, as opposed to working your family around your job.”

Why is Bleisure Popular?

“The past few years have brought new possibilities around the ways we connect and work. We believe that how people work is far more important than where they work from,” Meta spokesperson Tracy Clayton told The Wall Street Journal. Companies that are taking advantage of the fact that for many roles, work is where the WiFi is are ahead of the game in retaining employees. Surveys show that as many as 74% of employees want remote work flexibility from their employers.

Bleisure – Work is where the WiFi is!

If you want to lean in to bleisure, you’re going to need fast, reliable, and secure WiFi, and NETGEAR is here to make bleisure a reality for you. If you have a second home where you spend extended periods of time, Orbi can blanket your vacation place with WiFi. Sit on the pool deck with your laptop while the kids splash in the pool. Enjoy the fresh mountain air from your porch swing while you take a conference call. If your second home is in a remote area that does not offer reliable wired broadband Internet service, or if you don’t want to pay for broadband service while you’re not in residence, check out the 5G Orbi NBK752 . It uses 5G cellular technology to bring WiFi 6 speeds to multiple devices at once. If you’re in an area that does not have 5G, it also supports 4G or whatever cell signal is available.

Best Bleisure WiFi Options

If you travel to hotels, enjoy camping or RVing, or spend time in airports or cafés, you’ll need the fast, secure WiFi that our Nighthawk M5 WiFi 6 mobile router provides. The NSA has warned that public WiFi networks are often insecurely configured and leave your data and devices vulnerable to being compromised. With a Nighthawk M5 mobile router, you don’t have to worry about crowded and risky public WiFi. Thanks to the M5’s 1Gbps Ethernet port that can be used to connect to your home WiFi system, it’s also great failover option when broadband Internet service goes down. The future of work is bleisure, working where the WiFi is. Expand your bleisure options with best-in-class networking devices from NETGEAR.