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Explore the fascinating world of internet usage and connectivity with our comprehensive statistics page. Dive into intriguing data on global internet users, painting a vivid picture of our increasingly digital world. Check out the full breakdown of statistics and the sources used below.

Number Of Internet Users Worldwide

We begin by exploring the 2023 updated figures on the number of internet users worldwide, broken down into a percentage of the world’s population

Did You Know?

There are 5.18 billion Internet Users worldwide, which translates to 65% of the global population

How Many People Have Wifi In The World


5.18 Billion

Internet users in the world today



of people use the internet today

According to Statista, the year 2023 has seen an unprecedented surge in the number of internet users worldwide. The current figure stands at a staggering 5.18 billion, which translates to 65% of the global population. This means that nearly two-thirds of all people on Earth are now connected, communicating, and contributing to the digital universe, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards a fully connected world.

Number Of Internet Users In The US

Percentage Of US Population Using the Internet
Year % Of US Population Using Internet
2023* 91.80
2019* 87.27
2015* 74.55
2011* 69.73
2007 75
2003 61.70

*Figures by Statista (2023)

As of 2023, internet penetration in the United States has reached approximately 92 percent, marking a significant increase from nearly 70 percent in 2011. This growth underscores the United States’ position as one of the largest online markets worldwide, boasting nearly 299 million internet users in 2022.

Growth Of The Wireless Router Market

By 2028, the wireless router market will be worth $21.65 Billion


According to Mordor Intelligence, the wireless router market is expected to grow from almost $14 Billion US in 2023, to a staggering 21.65 billion by 2028. This highlights the enormity of the industry, and the rising popularity of Wi-Fi routers since the Covid pandemic. This trend underscores the increasing reliance on wireless technology in both professional and personal settings, further solidifying the integral role of Wi-Fi routers in our digital age.

What Country Has The Fastest WiFi?

Internet Speeds Worldwide, By Country (MBPS)

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Monaco 261.82
Singapore 255.83 105.01
Hong Kong 254.7 83.58
Romania 232.17 59.67
Switzerland 229.96 135.7
Denmark 227.91 112.03
Thailand 225.17 56.9
Chile 217.6 21.23
France 214.04 86.51
South Korea 212.57 202.61
Hungary 210.55 60.16
Liechtenstein 204.78
United States 203.81 110.07
Spain 201.47 61.62
China 196.57 165.38
United Arab Emirates 189.07 238.06
Canada 183.81 95.78
Macau 178.9 62.31
Japan 178.76 69.02
Sweden 174.9 103.08

Source: World Population Review (2023)

Discover the global landscape of internet speeds with our detailed graph, showcasing the fastest broadband and mobile internet speeds by country, according to The World Population Review. From Monaco leading the pack in broadband speeds, to the United Arab Emirates topping the chart in mobile connectivity, this graph provides a comprehensive view of the digital divide and the varying pace of internet access worldwide. Interestingly, the US ranks 13th for broadband speed, and 7th for Mobile speed.