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Cloud-Enabled Network Control from Anywhere

IT professionals, managed service providers and small business owners are increasingly turning to Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and worry-free, remote network management. For this workload, the solution for many IT Central Station members is NETGEAR Insight, which allows users to take control of their network whether they’re at home, out of the office, on a business trip or even at the beach. These members share some of its many benefits, including ease of use, time and cost savings, and attractive pricing. Learn more about the latest Version of NETGEAR Insight for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

Performance at a Great Price

Affordable, easy remote network management is a must for organizations that range from grade schools and community colleges to law firms and small financial institutions. For Korey R., the Auditor in Charge – Project Manager at an educational organization, Insight checks off all the boxes. He said, “For what you get, the price of Insight access points is very reasonable. I don’t feel like there is anything cost prohibitive or difficult to operate or use. Overall, I am impressed with the Insight portal and how it works and maintains itself, as well as with its scalability.”

Greg P., an Information Technology Consultant who is in business by himself, appreciates the solution’s pricing. He said, “For a little guy like me, it is very cost-effective. I am able to have the tools of the enterprise networker on a pretty reasonable budget.” Warren C., an electrician at a consulting firm, concurred when he commented, “It wasn’t much more than $100 a year. They have good, reasonable pricing, so I can pass that price difference onto my customers.”

NETGEAR’s pricing and licensing are very reasonable, according to David G., the owner of an IT services company. He remarked, “ Their pricing is perfect for smaller businesses who are money and budget conscious. There are a lot of other solutions out there that are two to three times more expensive.”

Easy to Use

IT Central Station members who use Insight not only enjoy being able to take control of their network from anywhere, but they also appreciate its simplicity. Warren C. evaluated other vendors, but felt more comfortable with NETGEAR because of its ease of use and configuration. He said, “As long as it is on the cloud, I am able to configure an access point and ship it to another location, then manage the device remotely. This is nice because it is simple and easy.”

Korey R. licensed a top-tier version of Insight. He feels that the user interface is very friendly, informative and relevant. He explained, “It has what we need to see and it’s easy to access, maintain and monitor. I feel confident in my abilities to do all kinds of things with relative ease, such as being able to segregate different Wi-Fi networks so that they can simply access other things on the network.”

Paul S. is a personal user, but no less of a fan. He commented, “ From the Wi-Fi aspect, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. The solution enables me to manage my entire Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.”

Easy to Manage Clients

Insight has become popular with managed service providers and resellers because the solution streamlines client management, as Greg P’s example shows. His IT business offers managed services for companies that have fewer than 50 employees. He deploys networks in offices, small office buildings and office suites, ranging from one or two access points to as many as 10. He uses the WAX610 access points with either a BR100 or SXK80 router.

“This solution helps an MSP, like me, manage my time better because I have more visibility and the ability to control things from a distance. This is important because I am one person. I am not always onsite. To be onsite is costly,” he said.

From his home office, Greg P. is aware of someone saying the network is going down. He can then look at it and do some root cause analysis to see why it’s going down. “I don’t always have to go out there,” he shared. “Some of this stuff can be managed remotely or with the assistance of the client. We can solve the problem without all the labor, driving and time.”

He summed it up by saying, “[Insight] frees me up to do other things, because I am less reactive and not going on site as much. It creates a lot more time in my day to attend to real fires. I can take on more and not have to hire someone. As a young business, that is really important.”

Saves Time and Money

Other IT Central Station members are also reporting significant time and cost savings. For instance, a Principal at a consumer goods company uses Insight for a residential small business. He has a BR500 VPN Router and four WAC540 Access Points, as well as three GC108PP PoE Insight Switches and a fourth that is their bigger brother.

He said, “I now have the ability to remote access my network. That works extremely well. I can access it from any place. I don’t need to be physically at the device. This saves me on time and travel.

Brijesh P., the owner of a hospitality company, shared his story. He said, “We use NETGEAR’s Insight management solution to do off-property controls. It is user-friendly and provides network management, monitoring and service deployment across multiple remote and local sites. That means I don’t have to be physically at a location to do things if I want to make any changes to the network. It saves time and money.”

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