All the advanced wireless features you need in an Instant

Instant WiFi, Instant Mesh, Instant Captive Portal

Product & Feature Compatibility

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One WiFi network. Maximum WiFi Expansion.

Connect multiple areas without the use of cables.

NETGEAR WAC540 and WAC564 have three robust 802.11ac radios to establish a strong wireless backhaul link to a nearby Instant Mesh device.

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What You Get With Instant Mesh
  • Unified Network Management of LAN and wireless Mesh
  • Instant configuration of the Mesh extender with consistent experience
  • VLAN and QoS management, all existing VLAN configurations are kept when adding the WAC564 to the existing WiFi network.

Configure Instant Mesh rapidly using the NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud Portal.

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Where You Can Use Instant Mesh
  • Nearby rooms where cabling is not available
  • Rented or temporary spaces
  • Neighboring office building or a parking lot (in range of WiFi reception)
  • Any situation where you can’t run cables
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Optimize your WiFi. Instant WiFi automatically analyzes the environment and negotiates the best power and channels. Get the best WiFi coverage and minimal interference.
Configuration is simple:
  • Click "Optimize Now" in the NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud Portal
  • Manual configuration available for expert users
  • Automatic configuration is available across all 3 radios (2.4GHz, low 5GHz, High 5GHz)
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A captive portal is a login page that customers use to access public WiFi networks.

NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal gives the business owners the ability to set up a professional captive portal within minutes, with features and capabilities similar to that of a major franchise.

Instant Captive Portal gives you:
  • Easy portal customization
  • Monetization with display ads
  • Social login with analytics
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Regulatory compliance with log storage