Ultimate Guide to Streaming Super Bowl LVIII: Powered by Orbi 970



Discover the ultimate Super Bowl LVIII streaming experience with NETGEAR's Orbi 970 Series WiFi Mesh system. Enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality streaming on all your devices this Feb 11

Get Ready for the Big Game: Super Bowl LVIII Streaming Essentials

Football fans, the countdown to Super Bowl LVIII is on! This year, we’re bringing the thrill of Las Vegas right into your living room. Whether you’re a die-hard 49ers fan or cheering for the Chiefs, one thing’s for sure – you need a seamless streaming experience to catch every play. And what better way to ensure this than with the Orbi 970 Series WiFi Mesh system from NETGEAR?

The Evolution of Super Bowl Viewing: From Live to Livestream

Gone are the days of crowded bars or static-filled TV screens like they did for the first Super Bowl in 1967. Super Bowl viewing has evolved, with more fans now streaming the big game live. Gone are the times when we huddled around bulky TVs. Now, we have the luxury of streaming Super Bowl LVIII on devices like Smart TVs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Fire TVs, PS4, PS5, Roku TV, Xbox, and Google TV. But, with great technology comes the need for stronger WiFi – especially if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party.

Why Your Current WiFi Might Fumble on Game Day

Let’s face it, a single router or basic ISP WiFi might not make the cut when you have a house full of guests all connected and streaming. Spotty WiFi is the last thing you want when Usher is rocking the halftime show. The Orbi 970 Series Mesh System with WiFi 7 is your MVP for an uninterrupted Super Bowl live stream, ensuring no one misses a touchdown or a spectacular halftime moment.

NETGEAR Orbi for the Home

Step-by-Step: Setting Up for the Perfect Super Bowl Stream

  • Diverse Streaming Options: Download Paramount+ on your preferred devices. Don’t miss the Nickelodeon Super Bowl version for family fun! CBS.com and CBS Sports Apps are also your go-to for live content.
  • Live Content Check: Ensure your apps are set for live streaming.
  • WiFi Load Management: More devices mean more strain on your WiFi. The Orbi 970 Series is designed to handle this effortlessly.
  • Guest WiFi Setup: Offer your guests seamless connectivity without compromising your home network’s security and performance.
  • Game Day Essentials: Stock up on hot wings and nachos!

Setting Up Guest WiFi for Your Super Bowl Party with Orbi 970

Hosting a Super Bowl party means more than just preparing snacks and decorating your living room. In today’s connected world, providing a robust WiFi connection for your guests is just as crucial. With the Orbi 970 Series from NETGEAR, setting up a guest WiFi network is a breeze, ensuring your main network remains secure while offering your guests seamless internet access.

Here’s how to set up guest WiFi for your Super Bowl party:

  • Access Your Orbi Dashboard: Log into your Orbi router’s dashboard through the NETGEAR Orbi app or web interface.
  • Enable Guest Network: Find the ‘Guest Network’ option and enable it. This creates a separate WiFi network for your guests.
  • Customize Your Network: Give your guest network a fun, Super Bowl-themed name and a secure password. This not only makes it easy for guests to connect but also adds to the festive spirit.
  • Share the Details: Let your guests know the WiFi name and password as they arrive. You can even get creative and print the details on a card or add them to your party invitations.

With the Orbi 970 Series handling your WiFi needs, you can focus on cheering for your favorite team and enjoying the game. Your guests will appreciate the strong, stable connection, whether they’re streaming live game moments, sharing selfies, or checking stats. And the best part? Your main network stays secure and unaffected, no matter how many guests connect.

So, get your Orbi 970 Series ready, set up that guest WiFi, and throw a Super Bowl party that’s as much about the game as it is about a fantastic digital experience for everyone!

Mark Your Calendars: Super Bowl LVIII Awaits

Remember, the big game kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. PT. With the Orbi 970 Series, you’re all set for an epic Super Bowl LVIII streaming experience. Whether you’re in it for the football, the halftime show, or just the commercials, NETGEAR ensures you won’t miss a beat. Go 49ers, go Chiefs, and here’s to a game that keeps us all on the edge of our seats!

With NETGEAR’s Orbi 970 Series, every Super Bowl LVIII moment will be streamed in high definition, ensuring you and your guests enjoy every play, touchdown, and halftime performance. Upgrade your home WiFi and make this Super Bowl the most memorable yet. Happy streaming!

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