Welcome to NETGEAR Insight 6.7

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Welcome to NETGEAR Insight 6.7

What it means to run a small business has completely changed over the years, from brick-and-mortar stores to hybrid, digital and expansive business models. Its fair, then, to assume that old business solutions have been outgrown. With an ever-increasing number of internet-connected devices spread across hundreds of employees and locations, networking tools – for those managing them – need to have powerful business-class features including deployment, security, and continual monitoring.

NETGEAR Insight offers industry-leading network management solutions for growing businesses, allowing them to remotely manage their networks, from access points to switches, routers, and more. With Insight, IT Managers and MSPs can also support hundreds, even thousands of remote workforce networks and small business customers, even those with multiple locations with single pane-of-glass visibility and monitoring.

Since the launch of NETGEAR Insight Management, we’ve worked non-stop to improve and expand the offering to provide the tools necessary to easily manage your vital networking infrastructure no matter where you conduct business – from a single site to a small or home office.

What’s new?

Announced today, Insight version 6.7 provides a number of enhancements to make management easier. New features include:

Bulk Onboarding Enhancement

Shorten device onboarding and allocation time. NETGEAR Insight Pro users can now add multiple devices at a time on both the location and organization level.
Users can easily and effectively add all their devices to a pre-set CSV template, upload and Insight will do the rest.
Insight Pro Key Allocation

Add an Insight subscription license at the organization level to eliminate extra steps to allocate each license key from the account to each organization.
Two-factor Authentication

Cyber-attacks pose an ongoing threat for small businesses, so network monitoring and security aren’t a luxury, but a necessity. For strengthened security, all new devices added will need a valid serial number and MAC address, except for mobile hotspots.

Enhanced UI

We’ve enhanced the way you can view and navigate the application with updated features such as:

A new vertical navigation pane with breadcrumbs for more visibility and easy navigation
Dark mode for a more eye-friendly management dashboard view
Single-pane-of-glass device table to easily troubleshoot, monitor and manage your devices without going back and forth from device summary page and device details page
Our small business network solutions are secure, reliable, and scalable, offering everything you need today, tomorrow and beyond. And no matter the location, NETGEAR Insight enables simple multi-device configuration and cloud-based remote access to empower small and medium businesses to manage devices from anywhere, always make sure they’re in good health and simply save time.

Learn more about NETGEAR Insight Management for Switches, AP’s and Business Routers.


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