WiFi That Works Everywhere: Best Mesh WiFi for Homes with Thick Walls



Thick walls are a barrier that WiFi signals will struggle to penetrate, and it’s more than likely that there will be some walls or other obstructions between your devices and your router. However, there are solutions that can improve wireless internet speeds, including whole-home mesh WiFi systems. Let’s explore the options further.

The Frustrations of Thick Walls and Weak Signals

WiFi is an electromagnetic wave signal that can be reflected or absorbed by different materials before reaching your devices or returning to the router. The amount of signal reflected or absorbed depends on the WiFi bandwidth frequency and the material the signal is trying to pass through. Thick walls can diminish the WiFi signal from making the signal slow and unreliable.

Everyone’s home is different, including the layout, building materials used, and the type of insulation installed. For example, thick stone, brick, or concrete walls are much more difficult for WiFi signals to penetrate compared to wood framework and plaster covered walls. Foil insulation and underfloor heating are other barriers that WiFi struggles to penetrate effectively. Fortunately, WiFi technology has advanced rapidly, and there are several ways to improve WiFi speeds and WiFi coverage in every type of home.

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi 7 Whole-Home Mesh Systems are the fast-track way to transform your online experience. Along with WiFi mesh, there other ways to improve your signal. Let’s briefly compare the options with high-speed Orbi mesh WiFi.

Option 1. Relocate your Router – The aim is to avoid having the WiFi signal blocked by a thick wall, so relocating your router will remove the problem. However, as routers plug directly into a dedicated socket you may only be able to move the router a metre or two.

Option 2. Range Extender or Repeater – Range extenders or repeaters are a budget-friendly way to make your WiFi signal travel further. You need to position them close enough to your router to receive a strong signal. These devices can be helpful for avoiding obstacles, although you will lose at least 50% of your bandwidth with each extender and WiFi performance can suffer.

Option 3. Powerline Adaptor- As with WiFi extenders, you plug powerline adapters into a power socket. The difference is that powerline adapters add the data to your mains power, allowing you to run your network wherever the mains power runs. However, other plugged-in appliances or devices can negatively affect WiFi performance.

You could also consider knocking the walls down to create open plan living. Although this is an extreme measure, open plan living is on trend. But there must be an easier way to improve WiFi coverage. Introducing NETGEAR Mesh WiFi.

The Mesh WiFi Advantage: Blanket Coverage and Seamless Networking

Mesh WiFi systems broadcast strong WiFi signals and coverage by using multiple interconnected satellites. The main router is connected to your router for internet access. The additional satellites rebroadcast the wireless signal from your main router to nearby devices. The satellites are all part of the same interconnected network, forming a ‘daisy chain’ of powerful WiFi to every corner of your home, even so-called WiFi dead zones.

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi 7 Whole-Home Mesh Systems can include a home network, guest network, and smart home Internet of Things (IoT) network which can include Amazon Alexa, home security systems, smart TVs, and more. The entire system can be accessed by a single password if you wish. WiFi mesh intelligently extends the network so you can roam freely with your devices and enjoy blazing-fast speeds and seamless connectivity upstairs, downstairs, and even outside in the garden.

Why Choose Mesh WiFi for Thick-Walled Homes?

According to WiFi industry experts, mesh WiFi routers are the best thing to happen to home WiFi since the dawn of the internet. Here are three obvious mesh WiFi advantages straight out of the box.

Easy Network Management

Mesh routers provide convenient network access. Orbi mesh is an automated system that can be managed using the Orbi App, even remotely when away from home. Plus, setting up the mesh system with a smartphone is easier than plugging-in and configuring the system through your browser. With NETGEAR Orbi mesh, you can perform speed tests, remove access to certain networks, create a guest network, and connect to 200+ WiFi-enabled devices and smart home applications simultaneously.

Streamlined and Seamless Connections

With traditional routers and WiFi extenders, you need a separate network name for the extender. This means you will need to manually switch WiFi connections (shut down and start up) as you move around your home. Orbi WiFi 7 and WiFi 6 mesh systems, on the other hand, don’t require constant reconnections as you move from room to room. The entire system is synchronised, seamless, and superfast for all your network devices.

Robust Security

The latest state-of-the-art NETGEAR Orbi mesh systems come with improved and upgraded WPA3 encrypted security with Bitdefender. NETGEAR Armor security and Smart Parental Controls keep home networks, guest networks, and smart home devices free from malicious intrusions, keeping you and your family safe while online.

Powerful Signal Penetration for Optimal Performance

Unlike earlier dual-band WiFi 5, the latest and best Mesh WiFi systems use quad-band technology to deliver multi-gigabit internet speeds across your entire WiFi network. Orbi mesh is perfect for larger homes where faster speeds and greater square feet coverage is required. Simply place two, three, or more Orbi mesh satellites strategically around your home to eliminate dead spots, avoid thick walls, and provide better coverage for all your connected devices. Here are some of the cutting-edge WiFi mesh system technologies that can take wireless connectivity to the next level.

NETGEAR: The Leader in Mesh WiFi for Thick-Walled Homes

You can’t walk through a thick wall, but you can walk around it. In the same way, NETGEAR Orbi Whole-Home Mesh Systems are the best mesh networks for thick walls. Orbi helps you navigate unimpeded pathways for seamless internet connectivity throughout your entire home. The future is now with NETGEAR Orbi.

The Orbi Whole Home Mesh Systems deliver the ultimate WiFi experience by eliminating dead zones and effortlessly penetrating even the thickest walls. Discover lightning-fast speeds, seamless connectivity, and robust security for the ultimate in whole-home WiFi. Ready to transform your online experience? Explore the power of Orbi Mesh WiFi today!