The 2023 IoT Security Landscape Report


Bret D., Marketing Manager - NETGEAR

Our homes are getting smarter, increasingly filled with internet connected devices. In addition to our computers and smart phones, today’s home network supports a growing list of items that use sensors, software and access to the internet to collect and exchange data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we work, play, live, learn and communicate. Whether it’s your smart TV, smart speaker or baby monitors, it’s hard to think of buying a new device or appliance that does not feature some sort of connectivity. While IoT devices, are designed to make our lives easier, they also expose us to cyber-attacks that may involve limited or complete takeover of your device and theft of personal data.


IoT Threat Data

We recently joined forces with Bitdefender to further investigate the security risks facing today’s smart homes and what we can expect in the future. We reviewed threat data from the 2.6 million homes around the world protected by NETGEAR Armor™ Powered by Bitdefender® and 3.6 billion security events identified and isolated by the service. We were able to identify the most vulnerable IoT devices in the home and what kind of attacks target them. The research also includes some key predictions for the coming years and how families can stay safe. You can review all of our findings and recommendations in the 2023 IoT Security Landscape Report.

Managing home IoT Security

Managing the security of connected devices can be a challenge for anyone, especially since many IoT gadgets do not come with security software nor are they often updated new features that provide any inherent protection. Luckily, families can protect their home networks and information with solutions like NETGEAR Armor which provides an automatic shield of security for your WiFi and connected devices (PC, phone, camera, TV, Echo, etc.). With protection built into the router, Armor acts like an effective front door lock to your home network, eliminating the cost and effort associated multiple security subscriptions or software. Armor is a one-stop solution for keeping your family safe.

The Solution for IoT Security: NETGEAR Armor

Many of our current devices, including Nighthawk RS700 and our latest Orbi routers and mesh systems come with a free one-year subscription to Armor which combines our 25+ year-long pursuit to deliver the fastest, most robust WiFi and Bitdefender’s award-winning technology to secure all connected devices in every home. Current NETGEAR customers can subscribe to Armor directly from the Orbi or Nighthawk app.