New AV Line of M4250 Switches Wins SCN Product of the Year Award


John Henkel

NETGEAR is honored to receive the Systems Contractor News (SCN) Magazine’s Product of the Year award for its new AV Line of M4250 switches, targeted for the 1Gb line of AV over IP installations. Future Publishing’s SCN Magazine has long been the go-to media outlet for news and information on the Pro AV industry.

“This validation from the AV industry recognizes our efforts in bringing to market a product designed for AV professionals,”
-Laurent Masia

commented Laurent Masia, Director of Product Management for Managed Switches at NETGEAR. “The team has been working very hard, with the help of input from AV industry professionals, to develop a product from the ground up that makes life easier for AV integrators and installers while maintaining a high level of functionality and reliability.”

The recently introduced line of M4250 switches incorporates several new features and a form factor that clearly differentiates it from typical IT-based switches. The new AV user switch interface provides a refreshing, simple way to assign profiles to any combination of ports, making it quick and easy to configure a switch when needed–no IT-centric language or interface to have to weed through to find what you need for complicated multicast routing of audio and video signals.

Many installations do not even require configuration, thanks to NETGEAR IGMP Plus™, which enables these switches to work out-of-the-box. This unique feature ensures the proper settings are set at the factory for most AV over IP installations. When more complicated configuration is required, the new AV line of M4250 switches comes with a complete toolset that any IT professional will be comfortable using.

Some of the biggest changes have been on the external part of the switches, including a new design and multiple switch mounting options. M4250 switches boast a sleek, black industrial design and has all their Ethernet ports in the back, making them look great in an AV rack or a conference room. When alternative mounting is required, threaded holes in the chassis allow for VESA or even truss mounting. NETGEAR even allows for the unit to be mounted in reverse with ports in the front and includes rack ears for cables to be recessed by 2 inches from the front of a rack if desired.

AV Line 2020 SCN Product of the year