Power Your Summer Adventures with Mobile Routers



Public WiFi can leave your private details exposed to network intruders, while mobile phone WiFi tethering will quickly exhaust your data and drain the battery. But there is a solution. Mobile routers are tailor made for secure and reliable internet on the go for summer adventures, wherever your travels take you.

Why Choose a Mobile Hotspot Router?

We all like to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues while on summer holidays. In the past, you would need to log on to the internet at a cafe or hotel lobby, or use an unreliable WiFi dongle, but times have changed. Today’s latest NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots can create a powerful wireless network almost anywhere, locally, nationally, or even internationally for summer fun. On holiday, on the road, or simply taking a day trip, a Nighthawk M6 or Nighthawk M6 Pro mobile router will keep you online for work or play.

Summer Activities That Get a Boost from Mobile Routers

In today’s connected world, secure and seamless mobile WiFi is a must-have for many of us. Next-generation NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi hotspots are the top choice for hassle-free connections in the UK or internationally. If you want faster internet speeds, greater wireless functionality, and unlocked flexibility for summer activities, a Nighthawk M6 or M6 Pro mobile router can make it happen. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a Nighthawk mobile router for travellers, holiday makers and those exciting summer activities you want to capture and share. Mobile WiFi for Camping

From the moment you leave home, mobile WiFi is a trusted companion. You can research campsites and trails online and plan your summer journey and activities. It’s easy to stay one step ahead of the weather with accurate real-time forecasts, stay connected with family and friends, stream entertainment, connect to gaming consoles, and a whole lot more.

Mobile WiFi for Road Trips

Road trips are a fun summer adventure, but they can get a little stressful when kids are restless, and everyone is hungry. Use 5G Nighthawk mobile WiFi to keep the kids occupied with movies and games. Check ahead to plan meal stops and short breaks and use handy navigation apps without draining phone data. With all the details taken care of, the whole family can have a great time.

Mobile WiFi for Festivals

Big festival sites can get crowded and confusing at times. However, with a mobile hotspot tucked into your pocket or purse, everything becomes easier. Upload photos and videos of the festival in real time, communicate with friends in the crowd, and stay informed and up to date regarding festival schedules and performances. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Mobile WiFi for Days Out

Day trips are fun for everyone during summer, and you are assured of getting the most out of your day by carrying a mobile router with you. You can use online maps so you don’t waste time or get lost, check reviews and information about local picnic spots and cafes, and even communicate with smart home devices and applications back home while you are out and about.

NETGEAR Mobile Hotspots: Your Perfect Summer Companion

Whether you’re getting cosy at your favourite holiday destination, heading out on the open road with your family, or taking a short business trip, you will need fast, secure, and reliable internet. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro mobile routers can help you do it all, stress-free. A Nighthawk mobile WiFi router can go with you anywhere on the road, at the airport, and even under the stars at your secret camping hideaway. All Nighthawk mobile routers come with the following must-have features.

  • Long battery life
  • Powerful WiFi signal
  • Compact and portable design
  • Ability to connect multiple devices

There is a growing need for 24/7 high-speed internet connectivity, and when it’s time to kick back and relax, your 5G mobile router can handle uninterrupted video streaming, cloud gaming, and other data intensive activities. NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile routers also provide the option for an unlocked WiFi service in 125+ countries around the world. That’s international roaming at its best.

Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro hotspots deliver multi-gigabit download speeds even in crowded WiFi areas. Here are some significant NETGEAR Nighthawk advantages for summer fun.

Mobile WiFi 6/6E Speeds – The fastest mobile WiFi speeds and secure internet access 24/7 with WiFi 6/6E capability.

Security You Can Trust – With a Nighthawk 5G mobile router, you won’t have sensitive data exposed on unsecured public WiFi.

Extended WiFi Coverage – Add a compact NETGEAR Omnidirectional antenna to boost performance in fringe network areas.

Connection Options – Connect to the internet wirelessly or attach dedicated laptops, routers, phones, and gaming routers to the Nighthawk’s USB port or Ethernet port.

Unlocked Flexibility – Nighthawk 5G routers are unlocked so you can choose the service provider of your choice with a prepaid SIM card hotspot data plan.

Effortless Setup – Nighthawk routers only take a few minutes to set up, and you can monitor, share, and change router settings using the handy touch screen.

Superior Performance – Nighthawk M6 Pro offers WiFi 6E compatibility, better WiFi range, and great overall WiFi system performance. NETGEAR delivers the best of all worlds.

The Home WiFi Alternative – If you relocate often or struggle with a poor internet connection at home, a Nighthawk mobile router could be the solution.

The NETGEAR UK product range is second to none, and if you are needing a budget-friendly alternative that won’t let you down, check out NETGEAR Nighthawk dual-band 4G mobile routers and 4G LTE routers for MiFi summer adventures.

Top Tips for Using Mobile Routers This Summer

Beach work mobile routerWhen shopping for a mobile WiFi hotspot wireless router, you should consider similar features to the best whole-home mesh WiFi systems. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and Nighthawk M6 Pro mobile routers are so good that many people use them both at home and while travelling. Here are a few more important tips for getting the most out of your portable WiFi device.

  • To ensure your summer holiday goes off without a hitch, you will need to choose a data plan that suits your needs.
  • Consider carrying an additional router battery and an attachable omnidirectional antenna to extend battery life and improve WiFi signal range. https://www.netgear.com/uk/home/mobile-wifi/hotspots/mhbtrm5/
  • Place the router strategically to achieve the best possible signal. Adjust the router and antenna position as needed.

What are Mobile Router Usage Modes?

NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile WiFi hotspot routers can work in a variety of ways while you are enjoying your holiday or camping adventure. Common mobile WiFi usage modes include:

AP mode – Creates a wireless access point from a non-wireless internet connection with an Ethernet cable.

Router mode – The mobile router connects to the wireless network, and your devices connect to the router. All connected devices can remain hidden on your private network.

Repeater mode – The WiFi hotspot can extend the coverage of an existing network, perfect at home or when visiting friends.

Bridge mode – This splits your mobile network by taking an existing network connection and broadcasting it with a separate network name and WiFi password.

Client mode – This offers wireless capability to any non-wireless device by using the Nighthawk router Ethernet cable connection port.

Nighthawk mobile router hotspots can connect with up to 32 devices simultaneously. Your entire family or holiday group can connect to a single mobile router that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. NETGEAR Nighthawk routers are a quantum leap into the future of wireless networking, and wishlist favourites for summer holidays.

The M6 Pro 5G WiFi External Antenna

Pairing a NETGEAR Nighthawk router with an omnidirectional antenna is a mobile game-changer. The antenna will improve the WiFi signal with broader coverage, faster speeds, and the ability to adapt to different networking environments. The Omnidirectional MIMO 3G/4G/5G Antenna (6000451) is extremely good at boosting performance indoors or in fringe network areas. Here are a few tips for the best mobile hotspot antenna results.

  • The position of the antenna will impact its performance.
  • Aim the router antenna toward a nearby mobile tower.
  • Move the antenna around until you get the desired reception.

Nighthawk M6 mobile routers are specifically designed for compatibility with the Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna. It’s the perfect solution for people who travel a lot and for those living remotely without an Ethernet broadband connection.

Make the Most of Your Summer, Connected Anywhere

Mobile WiFi hotspots are private networks that can be conveniently carried for connecting to the internet almost anywhere. They provide the ability to share the mobile WiFi connection with multiple devices nearby. For business, study, or travel, everyone needs mobile internet on the go, and personal WiFi routers combined with the SIM plan of your choice are the solution for staying connected.

Having a reliable internet connection is more than just a luxury – it’s essential for many people. Customised plans allow users to find affordable and reliable internet when and where they need it. In comparison, don’t risk exposing your data on public WiFi, instead use your own portable WiFi.

If you have a need for wireless speed and reliability, Nighthawk delivers with wired speeds up to 5Gbps over USB-C and up to 2.5Gbps over Ethernet. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro routers offer freedom and convenience for summer activities on the road, on the trail, or while watching the world go by at your secret camping WiFi getaway.

From the leader in WiFi for over 25 years

As the most trusted name in mobile WiFi, NETGEAR has been consistently improving WiFi router performance, reliability, and security since the 1990s. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro routers are the result of our unending pursuit of travel WiFi UK perfection.