Stay Connected On-The-Go with Unlocked Mobile Hotspots



In the past, WiFi dongles and 4G mobile hotspots were more spotty than hot, with connections dropping out amidst the online chatter. Times have changed, and the latest NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots establish powerful WiFi networks wherever your travels take you. Nighthawk mobile WiFi routers keep you online for work or play at home, on holiday, or on the road.

Next-Generation Portable WiFi Devices

In today’s connected world, secure and seamless WiFi connectivity is a must-have wherever you are, and next-generation NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi hotspots are the number one choice for hassle-free connections. If you need faster Gbps speeds, unlocked hotspot flexibility, and network security all in one, Nighthawk mobile WiFi will make it happen.

Lifestyles have evolved at home, at work, and at school, resulting in a growing need for 24/7 high-speed internet connectivity for multiple connected devices. Public WiFi can be convenient, but it can be infiltrated by malicious intruders who are intent on stealing your confidential information. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro personal hotspots are the solution, with built-in security and the ability to connect up to 32 devices simultaneously.

NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro 5G mobile hotspots can handle uninterrupted video streaming, cloud gaming, and large uploads/downloads. In addition, you can choose an unlocked service for WiFi compatibility in 125+ countries around the world, plus your choice of unlimited data or pay-as-you-go data SIM plans from different providers.

Why Choose Nighthawk Hotspots?

Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro hotspots use the latest 5G technology to guarantee greater capacity for delivering multi-gigabit speeds even in crowded WiFi areas. These capabilities make Nighthawk hotspots ideal for business and personal use. Here are some significant NETGEAR Nighthawk advantages.

Mobile WiFi 6/6E Speeds – The fastest available mobile WiFi for work and play, including secure internet access 24/7 with WiFi 6/6E capability.

International Roaming – Enjoy advanced technology and ultra-fast WiFi in over 125 countries for streaming, conferencing, working, posting on social media, and more.

 Security You Can Trust – Take your secure network with you. With Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots, you won’t have sensitive data exposed on unsecured public WiFi.

 Extended WiFi Coverage – Add an external Omnidirectional antenna to boost performance in fringe network areas, or even in your car while on a road trip.

Connection Options – Connect dedicated devices with USB or the Ethernet port. Connect directly to laptops, routers, and phones.

Unlocked Flexibility – Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots are unlocked, giving you the freedom to select the carrier of your choice with a prepaid SIM card or hotspot data plan.

Effortless Set-Up – Set up and monitor your mobile hotspot using the LCD touch screen. Easily share access, change settings, and oversee device usage.

 Superior Performance – Perfect for business and connecting in crowded outdoor areas, Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro deliver powerful and secure WiFi every time.

 Alternative to Home WiFi – If you relocate often, don’t have a landline, or have poor internet at home, Nighthawk will ensure you stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues.

M6 Pro vs M6 Side-by-Side

Nighthawk M6 Pro
WiFi 6E Mobile Hotspot 5G Router
  • Fast 5G speeds up to 6Gbps for work and play, even in crowded areas.
  • A travel companion while on business trips, holidays, or everyday commutes.
  • Unlocked M6 Pro hotspot that lets you swap SIM cards and data plans in 125 countries.
  • Seamless and secure connectivity for up to 32 devices.
  • Ultra-fast 2.5 Gig Ethernet port for high bandwidth applications.
  • Up to 500 sq. ft. of WiFi coverage, or plug-in coverage potential to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Total security for your data and devices with a private encrypted connection.
  • Effortless activation, setup, and monitoring using the intuitive touchscreen.
  • Fast charger and all-day performance with up to 13 hours of battery life.
  • Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X65 5G Modem-RF System.
  • Omnidirectional Antenna that boosts performance indoors or in fringe network areas.
Nighthawk M6
WiFi 6 Mobile Hotspot 5G Router
  • Blazing-fast 5G WiFi speeds up to 2.5Gbps for business and leisure.
  • Unlocked device certified with major international carrier SIM cards and data plans.
  • A safe and secure alternative to unsecured public WiFi connections.
  • Connectivity up to 32 devices simultaneously.
  • Up to 500 sq. ft. of coverage, or 1,000 sq. ft. with In-Home Performance mode.
  • 1 Gig Ethernet port for a priority connection.
  • Effortless setup and monitoring using the colour LCD touchscreen.

Phone Tethering Vs Dedicated Hotspots

With phone tethering, you can use your existing mobile phone and data plan to share an internet connection with another device, typically a laptop or tablet. With a true dedicated portable WiFi hotspot, you can connect to the closest mobile tower. The phrase “hotspot” is often used interchangeably when discussing mobile phone tethering and portable hotspot devices. While smartphones can act as a hotspot, their performance and capabilities are nowhere near those of dedicated hotspot devices. NETGEAR mobile WiFi hotspots are also security-encrypted to ensure your files and information aren’t compromised.

Using an M6 Pro 5G WiFi Hotspot External Antenna

For game-changing connectivity, consider pairing your NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 Pro with an external hotspot antenna. This offers maximum potential to deliver stronger WiFi signals, broader coverage, faster speeds, and the ability to adapt to different networking environments. An Omnidirectional MIMO 3G/4G/5G Antenna (6000451) boosts performance indoors and in fringe network areas.

Setup is a breeze. Simply plug the antenna into your 3G/4G/5G mobile hotspot for improved reception and extended coverage in buildings, vehicles, and remote sites. The NETGEAR Omnidirectional Antenna is compatible with models: MR6450, MR1100, MR5200, MR6150, MR6500, MR6110, LM1200, and other devices with TS-9 or SMA connectors.

The extra antenna reach is particularly useful if your hotspot device is showing less than 2 bars of reception. Here are a few basics for getting the most out of your antenna.

  • The positioning and aim of your antenna can affect its performance.
  • Aim your antenna toward a nearby mobile tower for the best available connection capabilities./li>
  • Use trial and error to find the ideal antenna location. Move the antenna around and monitor the reception until you get the desired results.

Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots are specifically designed for compatibility with the Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna. It is the perfect mobile hotspot addition for people who travel a lot, and for people living in fringe WiFi network areas without the option for Ethernet port wired connections.

The Future is Now with Nighthawk Portable WiFi

In the past, WiFi users struggled to connect and communicate with mobile hotspot routers that couldn’t deliver the required levels of performance. The technology simply wasn’t up to speed. Those days are now in the past with Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro mobile wireless 5G technology. Nighthawk can deliver WiFi speeds on par with the best home WiFi systems, with the unlocked freedom to connect from wherever you are.