Lag-Free Dominance: Unleash the Power of WiFi 7 for Gaming



Gamers need fast and reliable internet for a winning advantage over the competition. Lag or buffering in the middle of the game makes it impossible to take the quest to the next level, and WiFi 7 is the solution, so here we look at the potential of Nighthawk WiFi7 gaming routers or Orbi 970 mesh systems.

The End of Lag: Why WiFi 7 Is a Game-Changer

For successful HD or multi-player gaming, you need to avoid latency. For many online activities, such as browsing the internet or watching videos, a slightly high latency may not be noticeable, but for high-bandwidth gamers, latency and lag are unacceptable. When the time between making a command or response is measured in milliseconds, the speed of the internet connection can be the difference between victory and defeat. That’s where WiFi 7 comes into the picture.

WiFi 7 is a game-changer. The latest NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 7 routers and Orbi mesh systems offer greater channel bandwidth with more MHz channels, multi-link operation, preamble puncturing, MU-MIMO, and other new features that can improve performance. Win or lose, gaming devices need to perform optimally for the player to be satisfied with the gaming experience, and WiFi 7 is the new WiFi standard making it happen.

What is WiFi 7, and Why Does It Matter for Gamers?

Next-generation Nighthawk WiFi 7 gaming routers and Orbi WiFi 7 mesh systems allow gamers to reach new achievement levels. Blazing-fast WiFi 7 (802.11be) shatters speed records, delivering low-latency real-time HD gaming, entertainment, and much more. As WiFi networks get more crowded, the need for speed increases to combat home network congestion. WiFi 7 tri-band and quad-band technology delivers the fastest speeds available today and a future-proofed tomorrow.

The Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi 7 Router is fast becoming a gaming favourite worldwide. This next-generation router is designed with high-definition multi-player gaming in mind, with real-time responsiveness. It offers incredible speeds up to 19 Gbps via WiFi internet and LAN ports. Connect wirelessly or via a 10 Gig Ethernet connection, and experience speeds up to 2.4x faster than WiFi 6. These impressive capabilities alone can give gamers an edge over the opposition.

Blazing Speeds for Uninterrupted Gameplay

WiFi 7 introduces users to entirely new online experiences, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Gamers are big beneficiaries of WiFi 7 routers that offer the multi-gigabit wireless speeds required to immerse in heightened realistic experiences online. For those who prioritise gaming performance, the Nighthawk RS700S is the premier choice. This Tri-band WiFi 7 router delivers incredible speeds up to 19Gbps and features robust connectivity with a 10Gb Ethernet (WAN) port, a 10Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) port, and four Gigabit Ethernet ports. The RS700S cutting-edge Broadcom BCM6726/3 quad-core 2.6GHz processor ensures that gaming sessions are smooth and latency-free.

While the Nighthawk RS700S caters specifically to the high demands of gamers, the Orbi WiFi 7 is remains a strong option for bigger households as it optimises speeds up to 27 Gbps with dedicated 10Gbps and 2.5Gbps ports, plus high-performance antennas that deliver exceptional 360° WiFi coverage. No matter what game a person chooses to excel at, NETGEAR Orbi and Nighthawk WiFi 7 can help gamers reach their full potential.

Ultra-Low Latency for Split-Second Reactions

Regarding wireless technology, latency is the time it takes for data to travel from source to destination. It can also refer to the time it takes for connected devices to communicate with one another. Ultra-low latency is crucial for gamers who demand real-time responsiveness. Say goodbye to frustrating delays with WiFi 7 gaming routers engineered for minimal latency, giving players the ability of split-second reactions that translate instantly onscreen and can make a huge difference to gaming outcomes.
If you currently have a WiFi 5 router, you might find yourself on a losing streak against WiFi 6, WiFi 6E, and WiFi 7 routers. Internet service provider (ISP) speeds and hardware performance speeds are improving all the time, so keeping up with the play will mean upgrading your WiFi system at some point. If your system is lagging or you are someone who wants the latest and fastest wireless technology, NETGEAR Orbi systems and Nighthawk routers provide ultra-fast capability so you can stay one step ahead.

Rock-Solid Connection in Crowded Environments

WiFi device performance can be affected in several ways, such as the data speeds offered by ISPs and the WiFi standard that the devices operate on. Lag spikes can also occur in crowded networking environments where multiple devices are simultaneously competing for the WiFi signal. The ability for NETGEAR WiFi 7 WiFi 6E routers to connect to hundreds of devices in simultaneous use is a game changer. A lot of state-of-the-art technology is used to make WiFi 7 the gaming beast that it is today. A rock-solid WiFi connection in crowded environments can be essential for gamers and anyone else who wants to experience all the advantages WiFi 7 has to offer.

The Ideal WiFi 7 Router for Gaming

NETGEAR WiFi 7 Orbi 970 and Nighthawk Gaming Routers expertly leverage WiFi 7 technologies to manage demanding network traffic, ensuring your gaming experience remains smooth even in busy households. The WiFi 7 standard is ideal for the latest gaming consoles, laptops, Apple iPhones, and other devices. Here are some of the impressive new technologies and capabilities, along with the best existing technologies, that make WiFi 7 for gamers the obvious choice.

  • 5x faster speeds than WiFi 6E: WiFi 7 raises the bar from 9.6Gbps to theoretical data rates of 46Gbps, a leap that the Nighthawk RS700S harnesses to offer gamers and high-speed enthusiasts ultra-fast gigabit-plus performance essential for cutting-edge gaming and streaming.
  • Significantly lower latency: For gamers, low latency is critical, and the Nighthawk RS700S excels in reducing lag to enhance gaming and video conferencing, providing a seamless, real-time response that elevates user engagement and performance.
  • 2x maximum bandwidth: Doubling the bandwidth from 160MHz to 320MHz, the RS700S optimises the new 6 GHz band with a dedicated backhaul channel, ensuring multiple routers can operate concurrently without speed degradation in crowded WiFi environments.
  • 20% more data transmission: Leveraging the jump to 12-bit 4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (4K QAM), the RS700S enables a 20% increase in data transmission, perfect for the high demands of modern gaming applications that require dense data transfer.
  • Multi-link operation (MLO): The RS700S employs Multi-link Operation to utilize both the 5GHz and 6GHz bands simultaneously, ensuring gamers and users experience the strongest connection with optimal bandwidth, crucial for high-performance gaming and streaming.
  • Preamble puncturing: By utilising preamble puncturing, the Nighthawk RS700S smartly navigates WiFi congestion by transmitting data over unoccupied parts of the channel, significantly enhancing network efficiency and stability, particularly in densely populated WiFi areas.
  • Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA): With OFDMA, a feature refined from WiFi 6, the RS700S efficiently handles multiple transmissions simultaneously across various client devices, optimising the internet experience in busy households and for gaming setups.

NETGEAR Nighthawk provides the opportunity to fine-tune your network and prioritise gaming traffic for uncompromising performance. Features to look for in a gaming router that will future-proof your system include tri-band design, dedicated gaming bands, and powerful Qualcomm processors. You can then personalise performance with features such as Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritisation and time-sensitive operations.

Elevate Your Gaming Setup with WiFi 7

Gamers have a need for speed. WiFi 7 kicks into top gear to deliver faster wireless speeds than ever. WiFi 7 also effectively doubles the available bandwidth using ultra-wide 320MHz channels. The wider channels deliver better and more seamless performance for handling a huge number of applications. Whether you want the most progressive wireless standard to elevate your gaming, or a whole-home connected mesh system for every corner of your home, NETGEAR WiFi 7 delivers on its promise.

Wired Connections for Maximum Performance

WiFi 7 represents a revolutionary change for gamers, streamers, podcasters, influencers, and businesses. The new standard, dubbed EHT for Extremely High Throughput, makes true multi-gigabit WiFi a reality. WiFi 7 offers faster speeds, less interference, and better performance for today’s high-bandwidth online activities.

Orbi WiFi 7 mesh systems include superfast Ethernet cable connections for dedicated consoles and gaming PCs. The Orbi WiFi mesh satellites also include Ethernet connections. Hybrid gaming setups are entirely possible, with WiFi 7 fast internet speeds around the entire home, and even outside in the garden.

Gaming consoles can be directly connected to the RS700S Ethernet port, or wirelessly via WiFi 7 for minimal latency and maximum performance. Whether it’s high-stakes competitive gaming or immersive solo adventures, the Nighthawk RS700S provides a lag-free experience that puts you ahead of the competition.

While the Nighthawk RS700S is tailored for the ultimate gaming experience, the NETGEAR Orbi 970 remains an excellent choice for those with larger homes. This makes the Orbi 970 ideal for users whose needs extend beyond gaming, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity throughout every corner of expansive properties.

Pioneering Gaming-Optimised WiFi

NETGEAR has been a leading WiFi innovator since the 1990s, with a track record of cutting-edge networking excellence for gamers. Specifically designed and built for gamers, Nighthawk Routers offers seamless connectivity with ultra-low lag. The Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi 7 Router – BE19000 WiFi Router (RS700S) prioritises devices requiring optimum speeds for the best online gaming experience available today.

A NETGEAR Nighthawk router can be set up in only a few minutes using the handy Nighthawk app. You can oversee connected devices, run speed tests, and change settings from the palm of your hand.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability

NETGEAR WiFi routers also come with smart parental controls to ensure every device in your network is fully protected. You can get total peace of mind with NETGEAR ProSupport and enjoy 24/7 priority access to NETGEAR experts. The system can be controlled remotely and both Orbi and Nighthawk are compatible with any internet service provider.

Stay Ahead of the Game

For more than 25 years, NETGEAR has been building some of the world’s best networking devices. When it comes to WiFi 7 for gamers seeking the ultimate advantage, the Nighthawk RS700S stands out as the premier choice, offering unparalleled speeds and robust connectivity designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of high-stakes gaming. For an advanced gaming router that can deliver all that WiFi 7 has to offer, look no further than the NETGEAR Nighthawk, a trusted leader in WiFi innovation.