Introducing the Nighthawk RS700 Tri-band WiFi 7 Router



I’m excited to announce the launch of our first WiFi 7 offering, the Nighthawk RS700. Not only is this a first for NETGEAR, but the Nighthawk RS700 is on track to be the first WiFi 7 router available in the US. The all-new streamlined Nighthawk router is a game changer, housing a powerful new antenna array and delivering screaming fast WiFi up to 19 Gbps for real-time responsiveness, next-generation AR/VR gaming, smooth UHD Zoom calls, and 8K streaming for multiple simultaneous users.

WiFi like never before

There has been an explosion of connected devices and an increasing number of bandwidth-intensive applications during the past few years. WiFi standards have evolved to support the ever-increasing WiFi demand, with NETGEAR routers and whole home mesh systems leading the way. The journey continues with WiFi 7 -the latest and most powerful WiFi standard that offers lower latency, unprecedented speed, and increased capacity in multi-user, multi-device home networks and office environments. The RS700 Tri-band WiFi 7 router introduces the future of wireless network technology.

RS700 features

Here are six standout features of our first WiFi 7 router the Nighthawk RS700.

1. 320MHz high-capacity channels & 4K QAM – Ultra-wide bandwidth offering 2.4x the speed to your connected devices. WiFi 7 smartphones and laptops can get speeds up to 5Gbps.
2. Multi-Link Operation – Uses multiple WiFi bands at once to improve network reliability, reduce latency, and ensure data rates are at maximum speed.
3. Lower Latency – Dramatically upgrades gaming and interactive online experiences and opens the door for immersive next-gen AR and VR.
4. More Capacity for Data-Intense Activities – Connect up to 200 devices, such as security cameras, smart home devices, and speakers.
5. Multi-Gig Speeds with 10GbE Internet Port – Use the 10 Gig internet port for cable and fiber plans up to 10Gbps. Compatible with any internet service provider.
6. More wired ports on every device – Plug in Ethernet wired devices to improve performance via a 10Gbps port and four 1Gbps LAN ports.

WiFi 7 basics

WiFi 7, also known as IEEE 802.11be, delivers the extremely high throughput (EHT) required for a next-generation WiFi standard. The new standard provides the capability for multi-gigabit WiFi throughout the home with faster speeds, less interference, and better performance for high-bandwidth online activities.

WiFi 7 introduces the following new technologies for higher performance:

320 MHz High-Capacity Channels

Older WiFi standards are limited to a maximum channel width of 160 MHz. WiFi 7 introduces new 320 MHz channels, effectively doubling the bandwidth available to WiFi devices. 320 MHz channels also enable more WiFi devices to operate in congested areas without interference.

4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) is the process of converting data into WiFi radio waves. WiFi 7 introduces 4096 QAM, also known as 12-bit data modulation. WiFi 6 used 1024 QAM (10-bit data modulation). The increase from 10-bit to 12-bit data modulation enables up to 20% higher data transmission rates to your WiFi devices.

Multi-Link Operation

WiFi 7 uses all three WiFi bands simultaneously with a multi-link operation (MLO) feature. This enables WiFi 7 devices to dynamically switch between the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands to avoid network traffic and keep you connected if you move beyond the range of a higher frequency band. MLO ensures that your devices are always connected at the fastest possible speeds while maintaining low latency and a stable WiFi connection.

Preamble Puncturing

On older WiFi standards, a wireless channel experiencing interference from other networks would become unavailable. WiFi 7 introduces preamble puncturing, which provides the ability to section off portions of a WiFi channel to transmit your data when interference isn’t occupying the entire channel. This allows your devices to access the best possible channels for optimal WiFi performance even when interference is present.

How WiFi 7 Works

WiFi 7 taps into all 3 WiFi bands (6GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz bands). WiFi 7 effortlessly changes lanes between the bands to avoid network traffic and/or keep you connected if you move out of range of one band. This feature, called multi-link operation, ensures data is delivered with maximum speed, reducing latency and improving reliability for online gaming, AR and VR, Zoom calls, and more.

Streamers and gamers will enjoy smoother crisper video, with the ability to stream multiple pieces of 4K and 8K content at once throughout the home. With improved bandwidth, speed, and resource allocation, a household can easily stream UHD videos, host Twitch streams and avid gamers in VR, work on Zoom calls, and browse the web without issue.

Even more exciting is the next generation of AR and VR content users have in store. WiFi 7 unleashes a world of possibilities to explore new virtual worlds with fully interactive content. With ultra-high speeds and imperceptible levels of latency, users can immerse themselves in these worlds with lifelike responsiveness and new sensory technologies that elevate the experience beyond our wildest imaginations.

NETGEAR WiFi 7 devices available

NETGEAR leads the world in next-generation new WiFi mesh router systems that are changing the way we live and work. The Nighthawk RS700 Router sports an entirely new and modern look. The new, slender chassis with high-performance antennas providing 360 degrees of coverage is optimised to support up to 200 concurrent client devices throughout the home.

The 3D antenna design provides the best possible connection for all varieties of homes from sprawling ranch styles to multi-story brownstones. Meticulously designed radio frequency circuits drive maximum power to push WiFi signals to the farthest range, up to 3500 sq. ft. The slim profile also makes for a smaller overall footprint, helping the router to fit unobtrusively on a bookshelf or tabletop.

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The RS700 comes with one year of NETGEAR Armor™ Powered by Bitdefender®, providing an automatic shield of security for all connected devices. It will be available next quarter on for $699.99.